The Renegade Royals
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3128-4
July 2015
Regency Romance

England and Scotland 1815

Eden (Edie) Whitney has pushed her mother's loyalty to her too far. As the favorite twin, she and her sister, Evie, only look alike. Edie has always been the bold, independent twin, and her mother has always taken her side. But her latest escapade has put an end to that. Being caught with one of the most infamous rakes in London was bad enough, but it was who caught them that set the ton tongues wagging. The only answer is to get Eden out of London, far, far away, so that the gossip dies down. And who should have the perfect place to retreat to? None other than Alasdair Gilbride, heir to an earldom, and illegitimate son of the Duke of Kent. The fact that Edie and Alec have no use for each other is inconsequential to her mother, who will accompany her to Alec's home in the Highlands.

Alec has spent ten years avoiding facing his responsibilities in Scotland. Although his mother, who died when he was young, showed indiscretion in her affair with the Duke, her father has always considered Alec his heir. And that includes a long ago promise and betrothal to his cousin. A betrothal that Alec has no intention of fulfilling. His attraction to the outspoken, feisty Eden Whitney grows stronger as he gets to know her better on their trip north.

Despite her initial feelings for Alec, Edie is beginning to actually like the man. When he shows her some of his family's holdings on their trip north, she realizes that he is proud of his heritage, although an accident at the estate scares them both. Once they get to Blairgal Castle and Eden meets Alec's family, it's apparent that not everyone is pleased to have two English women in their midst. And that includes specifically the brother and mother of Alec's betrothed, who are openly hostile to Eden and her mother.

As Edie and Alec grow closer, the unpleasantness gets worse. Will Alec be forced into an unhappy, and unwanted marriage with his cousin just to keep his clan and family from being embarrassed?

The last book in the Renegade Royals series is probably the most exciting and sensual. With the backdrop of the Highlands and the traditions that are deeply rooted in the clans, readers will wonder how it will be possible for Edie and Alec to overcome all of the obstacles put before them and the dangers too. Great writing and terrific characters embody HOW TO MARRY A ROYAL HIGHLANDER. Don't miss this fun series!

Jani Brooks