The Renegade Royals
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3126-0
January 2015
Regency Romance

England 1815

Captain William Endicott is a hero of the Battle of Waterloo, and all he wants to do upon his return to England is forget the war. But Will's father, the Duke of York, has other plans for his illegitimate son. There is a plot afoot to assassinate someone of importance in England, promulgated by a rebellious Irish faction. Will is part of a secret spy organization, and because a childhood friend could be involved in the plot, he and his cousin, Alasdair Gillbride, another illegitimate son of a royal, are sent to investigate.

Will cannot believe that Evelyn Whitney could possibly be involved in anything nefarious, let alone an assassination attempt. She and her twin, Eden, had been Will's playmates when they were children. While Eden was always in trouble, Evie was the quiet, sweet sister who plainly adored Will. Now, because she is possibly betrothed to an Irish Catholic aristocrat who runs a charity foundation, suspicion has fallen upon her. It's Will's job to either prove it true or find who exactly is responsible for the threat.

When Wolf (Will's childhood nickname) suddenly appears at her parents' estate, Evie is stunned. The hurt she has carried since he left for the Army years before boils up. Will never returned her letters or bothered to keep in touch with her. She was sure he cared for her, and the disappointment has been with her since. Now he sweeps back in to her life, is obviously here for a reason, and his attitude towards Michael, her fiancé, is atrocious. Evie and Michael are partners in a charity to help Irish immigrants adjust to their new lives in England, and Evie is devoted to it and to Michael because of his caring heart. But now with Wolf back in the picture, Evie's emotions are in conflict.

HOW TO PLAN A WEDDING FOR A ROYAL SPY is bit of a mystery, but it's mostly a lovely romance between two old friends who know they were meant for each other, but try to hide it. Will is determined to obey his father's orders, although he will do anything to keep Evie out of trouble. Evie's strong feelings for her old friend play havoc with her heart as she tries to deal with Michael and her obligation to him and to their mutual investment.

A continuation of the Renegade Royals series, this novel can easily be read alone, but do check out the rest of the series SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD, and CONFESSIONS OF A ROYAL BRIDEGROOM.

Jani Brooks