OH, NAUGHTY NIGHT! – Leslie Kelly
Harlequin Blaze #820
ISBN: 978-0-373-79824-7
November 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Washington, D.C. – Present Day

It's Halloween, and Lucille “Lulu” Vandenberg is in disguise hanging out at a local bar with her friends when an old family friend—and adversary—Chaz Browning walks in. He spots her and begins to chat with her, but it isn't until he introduces himself and asks for her name that Lulu realizes he didn't recognize her. She decides to play along—naughtily—by not telling him her name, and they really begin to hit it off. Chaz and Lulu head out of the bar and soon they're almost having sex at an ATM machine. But just as they are about to enter his house to finish the deed, his sister shows up, and Lulu disappears rather than be caught with Chaz.

Chaz can't forget the hot woman he met on Halloween night, and when he first spots old foe Lulu in the neighborhood, he mistakes her for his mystery woman. It turns out Lulu lives in same neighborhood as he, which has him slightly annoyed because she was a huge pain the rear when they were growing up. Lulu challenges him in so many ways with her sassy mouth and sexy body—wait, why is he seeing the sexy side of a woman who made his teen years miserable? Even as Chaz becomes more interested in Lulu and they start a fling…the more he thinks about the mystery woman from Halloween.

Lulu is hiding her true identity from Chaz in OH, NAUGHTY NIGHT! because she suddenly found herself attracted to a guy she tormented when they were children and it seems so wrong with their families being friends. But she let things go really far—and was about to go all the way—when the sound of his sister's voice had her backing off. She's aware Chaz is now looking for his mystery woman, but she can't let on she's her. Despite her reticence, things do begin to heat up between them, but it isn't until Thanksgiving that he finally puts two and two together. She runs off—back to her house—but he eventually follows, and the resulting confrontation explodes into hot sex between them. Both realize their families might frown on a romance between them because her brother and his sister were once involved and it ended badly, so they decide to keep their affair a secret. But Lulu eventually tires of being Chaz's secret sex buddy.

Leslie Kelly's talent for writing sexy hot romance with a comedic touch is on display in OH, NAUGHTY NIGHT! Lulu has to redeem herself with Chaz because of her childhood antics, and while he's suspicious of her at first, he soon can't get enough of being around her. Their banter is cute, funny, and oh-so-naughty. As their relationship develops from friendship to lovers, readers will fall in love with Chaz and Lulu. As Christmas approaches, things get heated up as Lulu realizes she wants more from Chaz. Will he catch on before she tosses him out the door? Find out in this sexy and fun romance.

Patti Fischer