Harlequin Blaze #767
ISBN: 978-0-373-79771-4
October 2013
Contemporary Series Romance

Costa Rica – Present Day

Six months after breaking up with his cheating fiancée, Leo Santori is stuck with a nonrefundable honeymoon trip to a Costa Rican resort and decides to go there solo. The bungalow's private pool beckons him upon arrival, and he strips naked to take a swim, but he's interrupted when a gorgeous woman walks in claiming he is in her room. Before they can hash it out, she faints. Firefighter Leo isn't going to just let her lay there, so he takes care of her and soon discovers how fascinated he is with her and wants to get to know her better. Is his solo vacation going to turn into a hot vacation fling?

Screenwriter Madison Reid is on the run from the media's attention over her breakup with a movie heartthrob. Turns out their engagement was a fake to hide the fact that her now ex-fiancé is gay, but Madison didn't realize how fanatic the paparazzi would become to nail her as a cheater and find out who's the man she allegedly cheated with. She decides to hide out in Costa Rica, and after a long day, the last thing she expects to find is a nearly naked Leo (save for a towel to hide his “privates”) or that she'd feel this intense attraction for him. Leo and Madison connect—both in and out of the bedroom—and while they agree to a brief affair, she soon discovers that she may not want to end things when their week is up.

Readers realize right off the bat that Leo and Madison are headed for a collision down the road when he learns that she's famous as the woman who cheated on her ex-fiancé, especially after his own experience. Madison was only trying to help her movie star best friend to hide his sexuality, but then he asked her to break up and she came up with the idea to feed the press that she cheated on him. She thought by being the bad person in the equation, it would help him retain his popularity. She just didn't envision the cutthroat media's relentless bid for a story on her. Leo not only provides a distraction, but the sensual heat between them is hotter than the Costa Rican sun. Will Madison's scandalous past come between them?

Leo can't believe his luck in finding a woman like Madison to share his vacation with, especially someone who is pretty and likeable. They hit it off and enjoy their days and nights together, aware that soon the vacation will end. Leo wants to see Madison once they're back in the United States, but can they make it work when he lives and works in Chicago, while her life is in Hollywood? Is she making him forget the bitterness of the past six months after finding his ex having sex with his best man? How will he react when he learns about Madison's notoriety?

A fun, sexy tale that I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend, LYING IN YOUR ARMS has plenty of sensuality with a hint of humor. Both Leo and Madison are honorable, yet they've paid dearly in the past for their niceness. Can they finally get the dice rolling in their favor? Find out for yourself in the entertaining LYING IN YOUR ARMS.

Patti Fischer