DOUBLE TAKE – Leslie Kelly
Harlequin Blaze #795
ISBN: 978-0-373-79799-8
May 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Wild Boar Island, Michigan – Present Day

When sex researcher Lindsey Smith's study about orgasms goes viral, her bosses in Chicago force her to take an extended “vacation” until the topic dies down. At the same time, her best friend has to take an emergency maternity leave after the premature birth of her baby, and it's a perfect opportunity for Lindsey to accept the job as temporary science teacher at remote Wild Boar Island. On the ferry ride over, Lindsey encounters Mike Santori, and an instant attraction develops, but she isn't into relationships, even a temporary fling with someone she won't see again once she leaves in six weeks.

Mike is intrigued by the island's newest inhabitant, Lindsey. She's reticent about revealing things about herself and makes it clear she doesn't want to date him, but it only interests him more. He should just forget about her, but wherever he turns, there she is. With everyone watching Mike whom they consider an interloper who took the police chief's job, he can't afford a scandal, which likely would happen if he had a fling with Lindsey and it came out. But their sizzling attraction can't be denied.

When Lindsey learns Mike is the island's top cop, it's even more imperative that she not get involved with someone who might be shocked to learn about her sex research. Small towns aren't as liberal minded as cities, and she not only could be out of a job, but could hurt Mike's reputation.  But small towns mean running into each other, and soon they're making love, albeit clandestinely in hopes of keeping their affair secret from everyone. Their agreement is that once her job is over and she leaves, their fling ends. Sounds good to them, but neither expected to fall in love with the other. Then Lindsey's scandal catches up with her. Is the end coming sooner than they expect?

In DOUBLE TAKE, readers are treated to another sizzling charmer from Leslie Kelly as she introduces readers to sexy cop Mike Santori and watch him fall for new substitute teacher Lindsey Smith. Both are conscientious of the small town gossiping that would happen if they had a scandalous affair out in the open, so they try to keep things low-key. Partway through DOUBLE TAKE, when Mike discovers who Lindsey really is his mind boggles with the possibilities of what her sex life must be like. Alas, she is more into thinking than action, but it doesn't stop him from heating up their sexual encounters. Add a little humor to this sexy tale and you have a spicy fun read.

Mike has to deal with Wild Boar Island's citizens, and it sometimes makes him wish he was back in Chicago, a city he left when the job as police officer became hard to bear. With Lindsey planning to leave the island for her home in Chicago, can we foresee a future together for them in Chicago? But before we get to that, readers will thoroughly enjoy the sexy hijinks and titillating scenes after Lindsey's notoriety is revealed. DOUBLE TAKE is another winning tale from Ms. Kelly, and I highly recommend you grab this before it's off the shelves.

Patti Fischer