A Tara Holloway Novel , Book 3
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-55128-5
July 2012
Contemporary Romantic Comedy/Suspense

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

With her boss out due to cancer treatment and her regular partner acting as temporary boss, IRS Criminal Investigations Agent Tara Holloway is hoping she doesn't end up with agent Nick Pratt as her partner. The guy is too damn sexy, and with Tara's boyfriend, Brett, out of town on a job, Nick is proving to be a walking temptation to a woman starved for sex. But as luck has it, Tara ends up with Nick on a couple of cases. First up: visiting the ranch belonging to a separatist group who seem to shoot first and ask questions later. Unfortunately for them, they hadn't tangled with hotshot Tara, and she shows them a few things about not messing with the IRS.

Next up for Tara and Nick is the investigation of an evangelical minister who appears to be living high off the giving generosity of his congregation. Noah Fischer is charismatic and slick, yet church members can't see past the glitz of his sermons to wonder how he and his wife can afford to live so well. Tara and Nick do a little undercover work which brings up more questions. Is the man preaching about sin doing a little bit of sinning himself on the side? It's up to Tara and Nick to undercover the truth, which includes a trip to Louisiana. Along the way, Tara grows more attracted to Nick, even as the memory of Brett begins to fade into the background.

If you love a sharp, sassy woman who can also handle a gun with ease, then Tara Holloway is your woman and DEATH, TAXES, AND EXTRA-HOLD HAIRSPRAY is your book. She is one of the investigators at the IRS who take on cases of folks skipping out on paying their taxes, either by hiding assets or what it is they really do. In between investigating churches and separatist groups, Tara is checking in on her cancer stricken boss, Lu Lobozinski, and making it her personal goal to help find a perfectly matching wig for Lu. This isn't an easy task for a strawberry blonde beehive that has to be just so right…and held together by Lu's super duper extra hold hairspray. But Tara is determined to help out, even as she works on avoiding being around Nick. Of course, the latter is hard to do when crazy folks are making threats against Tara and she fears for her safety, especially now that Brett is out of town. Nick moves in—literally—in DEATH, TAXES, AND EXTRA-HOLD HAIRSPRAY.

This tale is the third book in the Tara Holloway series and while I didn't read book one (DEATH, TAXES, AND A FRENCH MANICURE), I did read (and enjoy) book two, DEATH, TAXES, AND A SKINNY NO–WHIP LATTE. Nick figures as part of the second book as Tara rescued him from Mexico and certain death. Since that time, Tara's heart (and other body parts) has tingled while around Nick. She feels it is like committing adultery against Brett, though it would help if her man was in town. Tara has issues with a friend of Brett's too, a female reporter, who seems to have wormed herself into Brett's life. Torn between two men, yet afraid to deal with them head on, Tara is a woman with a life that's a bit crazy right now.

DEATH, TAXES, AND EXTRA-HOLD HAIRSPRAY is a blend of suspense, comedy and romance as Tara wrestles with all three to bring down the bad guys who dare to think they can get one by the IRS. Tara isn't afraid of a challenge, but her feelings for Nick are providing to be hard to handle. Will Tara make a decision by the end of DEATH, TAXES, AND EXTRA-HOLD HAIRSPRAY? Will she find the perfect wig for Lu? Will justice be served? Discover for yourself in this rollicking and action-packed tale that will have you wanting more about Tara Holloway.

Patti Fischer