A Tara Holloway Novel
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-04831-8
August 2014

Dallas, Texas – Present Day

IRS Special Agent Tara Holloway is known by her peers as a smart (and accurate) shooter who gets the job done when it comes to nailing tax cheats. In the latest book in this ongoing series, Tara gets her hair chopped off, unearths a bribing scandal, and manages to overcome her lust for a tax avoiding country singer to bring him to justice. Her first case as DEATH, TAXES, AND SILVER SPURS opens is a dog groomer who is hiding her profits from the IRS. Tara and her partner, Eddie Bardin, stop by the grooming business to expedite the tax collections, but the miscreant tries to escape using her clippers as a weapon. Tara catches the woman, but ends up with a reverse Mohawk.

After getting her hair repaired, Tara goes to a concert with her boyfriend and fellow agent Nick Pratt. Of course, this isn't really a date, but a chance to finally get to talk to superstar country singer Brazos Rivers, who hasn't ever bothered to file taxes. Brazos turns out to be charismatic, and Tara lets lust interfere with doing her job. Now it's a race to try and corner Brazos as the wily singer avoids paying his taxes. But no one can escape Tara's clutches for long.

Meanwhile, Tara is assigned a possible case of “is he doing something illegal?” After much digging and spying, she finally decides the culprit is up to no good and she needs to figure out why he is paying off someone. Is it drug money or a bribe? Tara is going to get to the bottom of things.

With more than one case going on at the same time, it's a wonder that Tara and Nick get any quality time together. He's worried about his beloved dog who is slowly fading away, and Tara is there to support him. But their arguments over Brazos, and Tara's attraction to the maverick singer, have them at odds. By the end of DEATH, TAXES, AND SILVER SPURS will Nick and Tara still be together?

As always, Diane Kelly has shown her mastery of knowing the IRS rules and intertwining plots and red herrings to keep readers guessing. DEATH, TAXES, AND SILVER SPURS is infused with enough eccentricity, humor and action to keep readers on their toes. Tara is smart and so quick on the draw (both mentally and with the gun) that the bad guys rarely get one over on her. When they do, she's ready to fire back, though the IRS prefers that she ask questions first and shoot later. Tara is dedicated to her work and is all about truth, justice and people paying their taxes on time.

As the seventh installment in the Tara Holloway series, DEATH, TAXES, AND SILVER SPURS is chockfull of fun and energy and is a dynamite to read. Fast paced and funny, readers will find themselves laughing out loud at some of the antics Tara gets into, yet in the end, she always gets her man—or woman. As for Nick and Tara, their relationship has barely begun, but there are plenty of bumps in the road. Is it about to reach a roadblock? If you like a terrific read that will leave you smiling and cheering for the good guys (and gals) then I highly recommend DEATH, TAXES, AND SILVER SPURS.

Patti Fischer