HARD TO LET GO - Laura Kaye
Hard Ink,
Book 4
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-062-26794-8
July 2015
Romantic Suspense

Baltimore, Maryland – Present Day

A little under a month ago, Beckett Murda reunited with his Special Forces team to rescue a kidnap victim, and now they may be able to restore their reputations.  A year earlier, an ambush killed half of their team as well as the colonel who was their commanding officer, and the survivors were blamed and given less than honorable discharges.  When the colonel's son was kidnapped, his sister asked team leader Nick Rixey for help, and the rest of the team joined in.  They've recently discovered that the colonel wasn't a traitor as they'd believed, but working undercover, and Beckett and the team are close to uncovering who was behind everything.

When her ex-boyfriend attacks her, Kat Rixey decides to visit her brothers, only to find they're in the middle of a war.  They've gone up against the Church gang, but have also realized that a security company is somehow involved, and Kat arrives at Hard Ink just as they come under attack.  Kat decides to stick around but has a decision to make: she works for the Justice Department, and they are currently investigating the security company tied into what her brothers are working on.  To give them information goes against everything she has worked for in her career, but after almost losing her brother, Jeremy, and knowing what Nick and his friends are fighting for, can she hold back?

From the first time Beckett and Kat meet they seem to rub each other the wrong way, and Kat's teasing doesn't help.  Beckett wants to find the proof that will clear his team of wrongdoing and move on, but Kat keeps getting under his skin.  Kat, who is still a little gun shy after her last relationship finds Beckett irritating…and sexy.  Sparks fly between them, and when things get heated, they also get real interesting.  Suddenly Beckett finds that he may have more to fight for than his lost career.

The final book in the Hard Ink series, HARD TO LET GO, wraps things up very nicely.  Each book in the series revolves around one of the soldiers on the team, and one of the novellas features Kat and Nick's brother, Jeremy, who falls for the colonel's son, Charlie.  While each romance stands well on its own, the investigation into what happened to the team ties the series together, and for that it may be best to read the stories in order.  The team had been forbidden from even talking about why they were discharged from the army, as well as anything about the ambush, but now they are finding out the truth, and nothing will stop them from exposing it.

Becket and Kat first meet when she enters the Hard Ink Tattoo building and Beckett pulls a gun on her.  She's intrigued by the sexy warrior, but his stay-away-from-me attitude annoys her.  When they finally do give in to the passion that simmers between them, it only complicates things more.

Hard Ink
has been a fascinating series, and there will be a series that spins off from this involving the Raven Riders – an outlaw motorcycle gang that has helped the men of Hard Ink with their investigation, so this may not be the last time we see these characters.  Non-stop action keeps HARD TO LET GO moving along at a pretty fast pace, and the relationship between Kat and Beckett blends in seamlessly, to create a book that's not to be missed.

Jennifer Bishop