HARD TO COME BY - Laura Kaye
Hard Ink , Book 3
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-226792-4
November 2014
Romantic Suspense

Baltimore, Maryland - Present Day

Derek DiMarzio and his friends have worked hard to clear their names after being discharged from the army in disgrace.  The ambush that killed half of their Special Forces team was blamed on the remaining members: Nick Rixey, Shane McClellan, Easy Cantrell, Becket Murda and Marz.  They've linked what happened to them in Afghanistan to Baltimore's Church gang, but in their altercations with the gang, they've also found out that a former Special Forces soldier is also involved.  Hoping to find Manny Garza, Marz and Becket stake out his sister's home, but Marz's gut says Manny's sister, Emilie, is not involved.

Emilie has always adored her older brother, but lately his behavior has been disturbing.  His paranoid belief that someone is after him has Emilie convinced that he's suffering from PTSD, but getting him to admit it is making life difficult for her.  The one thing that seems to be going well for her is the new man in her life.  Marz is charming, good looking, and makes her laugh in spite of her troubles with Manny.  But when Manny pushes her too far, Emilie realizes that Marz has been hiding things from her, and now she's in the middle of a danger she could never have imagined.

HARD TO COME BY is the next story in the continuing search for evidence that Marz and his friends hope will clear their names.  The series has taken place over the course of almost two weeks, and in that time three of the men have found the loves of their lives.  Nick's girlfriend, Becca, is the daughter of their former commanding officer: the man who betrayed the team and was responsible for the ambush.  When she approached Nick for help in finding her brother, Charlie, Becca set off a chain of events that has brought the team back together and given them the first hint that they may be able to restore their honor.  In spite of the back story in this series that helps to explain what is going on, this novel stands fairly well on its own.  Marz was abandoned as a child, and his teammates are the closest thing he has to a family.  Watching three of those teammates with their women causes the occasional twinges of jealousy, but he'd never imagined that he'd be so attracted to the sister of their enemy.

Non-stop action keeps the story moving along, and the chemistry between Marz and Emilie sizzles.  While the rest of the team is present throughout the tale, they seem to be a little more in the background than they have in the previous books.  There are some surprises in store for the team, as the situation they are in takes an even deadlier turn, in the riveting, HARD TO COME BY.

Jennifer Bishop