STARFISH MOON – Donna Kauffman
The Brides of Blueberry Cove , Book 3
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3749-1
May 2016
Contemporary Romance

The Coast of Maine, the Present

Of the three McCrae sisters, Kerry is the free spirit and the youngest. While her sisters and her brother have careers, Kerry wanders the world, first here and then there as she gives in to her need to move on, to see something new. Only once has she stayed any length of time in one place; she'd been a year happily working at a cattle station in the Australian outback. But then she left to go home to Blueberry cove for her brother Logan's wedding. Then she stayed on for her sister Hannah's wedding. She's still there running her Uncle Gus's bar after he had a stroke. Gus is actually her grandfather's cousin who came from Ireland to look after the McCrae children after they lost their parents, then their grandfather. He and Kerry have a special closeness. Gus is on the mend, but now Fiona, the middle sister, is planning her wedding.

Cooper Jax was Kerry's boss in Australia. Because of the boss/worker relationship, both he and Kerry chose to ignore the potential in their friendship. However, after she was gone—it has been a year since she left—Cooper realizes he doesn't want to live without her. He takes time off during the slow season and shows up in Blueberry Cove. He just walks into the Rusty Puffin where Kerry is working.

Given that Kerry doesn't believe she is the staying kind, and that both she and Jax have close families and live continents apart, what chance do they have?

STARFISH MOON is another wonderful tale full of special people in a special place. It's rich in characters with great dialogue, passion, love, and humor. Don't miss it or its prequels, SEA GLASS SUNRISE, and SNOWFLAKE BAY. Then if you want more, look up the three Bachelors of Blueberry Cove novels. Of course, you may already have read the earlier five…lucky you!

Jane Bowers