OFF KILTER – Donna Kauffman
Kinloch Series, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-7582-5089-6
January 2011
Contemporary Romance

Kinloch Island , Scotland , the Present

The population of Kinloch is made up mainly of the McAuley and MacLeod clans. Graham MacLeod is about to cement his position as island leader by marrying an American descendant of the McAuleys. His good friend, and perhaps the most popular man on the island, Roan McAuley, is about to drop his kilt in public… Oops! What is that all about ?

Roan is devoted to his community and promotes its economic development however he can. To publicize Kinloch, he and other island bachelors are entering their—not quite bare-all—photos in the Highland Hunk of the Month calendar contest. They are lucky to have an internationally known photo-journalist for the shoot.

Tessa Vandergriff came to Kinloch to stay with her one good friend. She and Kira MacLeod attended a London boarding school together and have remained close in spirit if not proximity. Tessa needs to come to terms with her life, and to heal, if that is possible. Tessa suffers from post traumatic stress disorder after years of photographing hot spots around the world. She has seen just too much of the evil that men can do to each other.

Initially put off by her touch-me-not attitude, Tessa begins to get under Roan's skin.

Readers won't be surprised that Roan and Tessa become the main focus of OFF KILTER. Who would not be moved by her unfolding story? And what woman would not fall for Roan? Handsome and charming and caring—not to forget sexy—he's that rare blend of alpha and beta male. He can be funny and serious, strong and tender, and has an uncanny ability to really see Tessa. They are surrounded by other interesting characters, several of whom beg for tales of their own. Though it's not necessary to the enjoyment of OFF KILTER to have read the first book set on Kinloch (SOME LIKE IT SCOT, June 2010), those who have will be happy to catch up with old friends.

Wouldn't you love to have one of those calendars? What is it about those Highlanders, anyway?

OFF KILTER is a fun and lovely, heartwarming story.

Jane Bowers