HONEY PIE – Donna Kauffman
Cupcake Club , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-7582-8053-4
May 2013
Contemporary Romance

Sugarberry Island, Georgia – Present Day

Honey D'Amourvell has extrasensory powers that happen when someone touches her, so she has spent most of her life isolated, living in a remote farm house in Oregon. Upon learning her beloved grandmother died and left her a building, Honey decides to travel across the country to Sugarberry Island to begin a new life by opening a shop for her handmade goods. However, upon her arrival, she learns the building is occupied, already leased prior to her grandmother's death. Honey could turn around and return to Oregon, but her VW Beetle broke down and the sexy mechanic, Dylan Ross, informs her it will take several days to repair it. Can Honey, who has spent most of her life tucked away from human contact, bear to be around people she doesn't know and who are friendly to her, a stranger? What about Dylan? He seems to be able to see past her quiet demeanor and get to the real Honey.

Dylan is intrigued by Honey. She doesn't talk much about herself, yet he knows that she isn't used to being around people. Her aunt Bea was infamous for being able to tell a lot about someone just by touching them, and it appears that Honey has an even greater ability to do so. Dylan realizes that she took a big step by showing up in Sugarberry where she's welcomed with open arms, even as she tries to keep herself from touching people or getting too close. Heck, Dylan knows how she feels as he keeps his own deep dark secrets locked inside. Honey won't let Dylan touch her, yet he can't resist, especially when he wants to kiss her. Her quiet beauty attracts him like no other woman has before. Can two lonely people scarred by their past and afraid of the future find any happiness together?

It's a deliciously fun return to Sugarberry Island and the Cupcake Club series in Donna Kauffman's HONEY PIE. After isolating herself most of her life, Honey made the bold decision to move to Sugarberry Island but is stunned to learn when she arrives that the building she thought she could use for her carving business is already occupied by the expanding cupcake business. Honey wanted to turn and run away, but her VW Beetle had other ideas. Dylan Ross is the nearest (and only) mechanic on the island and she has to wait. Lucky for her that Dylan proves to be helpful—he not only repairs her car but helps her find a place to stay—so it means they're in constant contact. Being around him stirs feelings for the man, yet Honey is scared of getting close to Dylan—literally and figuratively. In the past, whenever she has touched someone, her visions are dark and full of doom. She's afraid the same will happen with Dylan, and for that matter, anyone else on the island.

Dylan has his own sad past which has kept him from pursuing relationships, and now he's alone except for his devoted dog, Lolly, and he prefers things as they are—until Honey enters his life. When she has a vision, Dylan is there to witness it and helps her get through the zombie like state she gets into. It's Dylan who wants to help her control her “powers” and learn how it feels to be touched in a happy way. Honey and Dylan's connection help each other find a way to move on from the past and spread their wings for a future. With this connection, they truly belong together and readers will be rooting for them to find a happily-ever-after in HONEY PIE.

Readers of the Cupcake Club series will be glad to know that HONEY PIE provides glimpses of the characters from the prior books. While HONEY PIE can be read alone, it's highly recommended that you read the previous books; you can find the complete list at www.donnakauffman.com .

A sprinkle of humor, a dash of magic, and a whole lot of pure enjoyable reading is in store for readers in HONEY PIE. Be sure and make HONEY PIE a part of your next reading adventure.

Patti Fischer