BABYCAKES – Donna Kauffman
Cupcake Club Series, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-7582-8050-3
November 2012
Contemporary Romance

Sugarberry Island, Georgia – Present Day

After losing her family's decades old pie business to a conglomerate, Kit Bellamy is ready to start over and decides to join cupcake proprietor Lani Dunne in helping to start up her company, Babycakes. What better place for Kit to forget about her scheming sister, brother-in-law, and the deceitful attorneys with the last name of Westlake? Alas, it doesn't take long for Kit to learn that one those Westlakes has also landed in town. Morgan Westlake is unaware (at first) as to why Kit is avoiding him, although he seems to be running into her everywhere.

Morgan Westlake is the black sheep of his family, and he didn't want his orphaned niece, Lilly Westlake, to continue to be under the control of his manipulative mother after the death of his brother and sister-in-law. Besides, Sugarberry is the home of Lilly's other grandmother, Birdie, and the two can finally get to know each other without the interference of his mother. At five years of age, Lilly has been sheltered, and Morgan is trying to bring her out of her shell. Lilly is fascinated by the turtles on the island, especially a nest of turtle eggs that will soon be hatched. They happen to run into Kit Bellamy who, despite her kindness towards Lilly, is still rather abrupt with Morgan. It doesn't take long for him to learn that she was swindled out of her business with the assistance of members of his family, so it takes some time convincing her that he isn't like them. Lilly seems to take a liking to Kit, and they connect in a way that draws both females out of their shells. As Morgan gets to know Kit, the more he finds himself attracted to her. But can he offer her anything when his life is temporarily on hold because of Lilly?

It's a return to Sugarberry Island and the Cupcake Club for readers of Donna Kauffman's sweet and sexy series. Both Kit and Morgan are new to the island, and the folks in town welcome them (and Lilly) with open arms. After years of making pies and selling them, Kit decides to try something a little different in the form of a cupcake bakery that Lani wants to expand. Kit has been friends with Charlotte, Lani's best friend, and it doesn't take long for Kit and Lani to hit it off. Readers might remember Lani from SUGAR RUSH, the first book in the series. Kit can't resist getting to know sweet little Lilly while trying to hide her attraction to her sexy Uncle Morgan. Of course, Sugarberry's resident Betty White, aka Alva, who isn't afraid to put in her two cents to Kit, encourages her to get involved with Morgan. But Kit still has trouble dealing with the fact that Morgan is a Westlake. Morgan wants to be the best uncle he can be for Lilly, but can he bring a woman into their lives when she may not end up becoming a permanent fixture?

BABYCAKES is about cupcakes and falling in love, but readers get a detailed glimpse of turtles hatching as the town comes together to ensure the hatchlings make their way into life successfully. Lilly is “ah-mazingly” enthralled with the turtles, and her devotion is one of the endearing qualities of BABYCAKES. It takes a while for Morgan and Kit to develop their friendship and relationship, and even longer for them to find the time to be alone for ahem…some loving…but when it happens, readers will sigh with the tenderness and sweetness Morgan showers on Kit.

Morgan and Kit begin new lives on Sugarberry Island, but they have the good fortune to find each other. A captivating tale, pick up BABYCAKES for some fun reading…and more cupcake recipes in the back to try.

Patti Fischer