The Sweetheart Sisters - Book 3
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-26452-2
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

Rescue Bay, Florida Present Day

Dr. Colt Harper is not prepared for the day Daisy Barton walks back into his life.  Unfortunately, he is in the middle of a consultation with eighty-three-year old matchmaker Greta Winslow when Daisy bursts into his office and announces that she's his wife!  Of course, Greta loves this little piece of news, and thinks she now has the good doctor right under her thumb.  Her friends at the Golden Hills Retirement Home will be delighted.  This could be their next project, bringing together an estranged husband and wife!

Colt and Daisy ran off and married over fourteen years ago.  They spent a few days together before Colt split, burdened with guilt over his brother's death and the realization that he and Daisy were not meant to be together.  Then, after years apart, he ran into Daisy again a few months ago after a chance meeting, a little lustful combustion, and a few days of bliss before he had to go back to Rescue Bay and the reality of his life.  Whatever Daisy wants now, Colt plans to take care of it and send her packing right back to New Orleans.

But Daisy is not going anywhere.  She's back in Rescue Bay to refurbish the bed and breakfast inn she inherited.  Daisy plans to start a new life and open the inn again as soon as she can get the loan approved for the work.  Unfortunately, all she needs now is her husband's signature on the loan papers!  The bank wants her doctor husband to guarantee the loan.  And, since they never divorced, Colt is still her husband.  She needs this one favor, then she will walk away.  She loves Colt, she always has, but they can never get on the same wave length for some reason.  He left her years ago, and she doesn't know why.  She sent him divorce papers, he never signed them or filed them.

Meanwhile, Greta Winslow and her elderly partners in crime, Esther Gerke and Pauline Lewis, are dying to find their next lonely heart target.  They're the secret authors of the Common Sense Carla column in the local paper, handing out advice to all who inquire.  These fiery matchmaking grannies always have something up their sleeve.

THE SWEETHEART SECRET is out now that Greta knows that Colt and Daisy are married.  Colt's main concern is his Grandpa Earl, whom he is trying to keep well and out of a nursing home.  In a turn of good fortune, Grandpa Earl and Daisy get along wonderfully; they seem to understand each other and communicate in a way Earl and Colt never could.  Colt doesn't want to let Daisy get under his skin, but even so, long buried feelings are beginning to sneak their way into his hardened heart.  Can these two lovers find a common ground?

THE SWEETHEART SECRET is the third book in The Sweetheart Sisters series, following THE SWEETHEART BARGAIN (September 2013) and THE SWEETHEART RULES (April 2014).  I haven't been able to find any information on the next book, but I can't wait for the next one!  These delightful stories are full of dynamic characters, friendly people, and sizzling romance.

Don't miss this great story!  THE SWEETHEART SECRET is a true winner!

Diana Risso