The Sweetheart Sisters, Book 1
Berkley Sensation
ISBN-13: 978-0-425-26450-8
September 2013
Contemporary Romance

Rescue Bay, Florida Present Day

Animal-assisted therapist at a senior center, Olivia Linscott left her job in Boston and drove to Florida, where she's taken a new job and plans to live in the home she inherited.  She never knew her birth mother, but when she received the surprise inheritance, she made a snap decision, packed up her former life, and left memories of her failed marriage behind.  Unfortunately, the house in the photograph the lawyer gave her is now a dilapidated shack on a piece of land that includes an abandoned animal shelter and not much else.  Well, Olivia wants a new start, so she breathes a huge sigh and decides to stay; and immediately finds a hurt and bleeding golden retriever lying next to the old animal shelter.  Intending to help the injured animal, Olivia tries to catch him, but the dog runs into the yard next door.

When Luke Winslow catches Olivia sneaking into his yard through a hole in the fence, all he wants is to get her off his property and out of his hair.  He doesn't need another distraction in his life, and a nosey do-gooder neighbor is not part of his plans.  The woman is a looker; he can see that even if his failing vision won't allow him to see clearly.  Luke forces Olivia to leave, then shoves his dark glasses tighter against his eyes and stomps back into his house.

Greta Winslow tips another shot of Maker's Mark into her coffee.  It's Thursday at the Golden Years Retirement Village, and that means it's quilting day.  Her friends in the Ladies' Quilting Club are at the table, ready to finish their latest project.  Greta needs the whisky to help her endure the boredom; besides, at eighty-three, she's old enough to drink the stuff whenever she wants, no matter what that young Doc Harper tells her!  Greta's friend, Esther Gerke, lives and breathes quilting, but the task gives Greta a headache, so she usually hides the thread from Esther.  And now, Pauline Lewis has this silly idea to replace the local advice columnist, Common Sense Carla, by writing the column herself!  The only thing on Greta's agenda is helping her grandson, Luke.  A horrible accident cut Luke's career short when he lost part of his sight, and now, all he does is hide inside his house behind those dark glasses.  Greta plans to fix him up with the pretty new therapist, Olivia.  Isn't it convenient that she lives right next door to Luke...

THE SWEETHEART BARGAIN is not what Luke and Olivia expect, but circumstances, fate, and three matchmaking old ladies have decided their destiny.  Luke is embittered since the accident that killed his best friend and took away his eyesight and his career.  Flying for the Coast Guard is all he's ever wanted, and without that, he has no life.  He can't even make coffee for Pete's sake!  He ends up with more water on the floor than in the pot.  And now, that cute little Olivia from next door is making a pest of herself with that dog she rescued.  Luke just wants to be left alone.  No woman wants damaged goods.  Meanwhile, Olivia came to Rescue Bay to finally learn about the woman who didn't love her enough to keep her.  Why would Bridget Tuttle leave her this inheritance when she never took the time to see Olivia in all these years?  And the hurt is even worse when Olivia learns that she has a sister, Diana, who lives right here in Rescue Bay.  She was never  abandoned like Olivia was!

Sparkling characters, humor, passion, and love make a story just right for cuddling up in your favorite chair.  The first book in The Sweetheart Sisters series, the SWEETHEART BARGAIN is a winner!  Look for the next book, THE SWEETHEART RULES, coming in April 2014!

Diana Risso