WILD – Sophie Jordan
The Ivy Chronicles , Book 3
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-227991-0
December 2014
New Adult

Dartford College, New Jersey – Present Day

It's been months since Georgia Robinson's boyfriend dumped her because she was “too boring” and now she's tired of always being the good girl. She heads to a secret kinky sex club with a friend and runs into her best friend's boyfriend's younger brother. Spotting Logan Mulvaney doing what he's doing at the club turns on Georgia, and being near him sends up a hot zing of sexual desire for him. But Logan is still a high school student (though about to graduate) and she feels like a cougar at the ripe old age of twenty. Yet the more she runs into Logan, the hotter the desire Georgia feels for him.

Logan has been the responsible son after his father's devastating accident left him in a wheelchair. The family runs a bar, so Logan finds himself there a lot, where he runs into Georgia, especially after she moves into the apartment above the bar. He wants her, but feels unworthy of her, the nice girl who deserves a Prince Charming. But they can't help feeling like getting a little bit dirty with one another, especially after hot kisses are shared. Logan is the bad boy Georgia's family wouldn't approve of, but will she resist that temptation to avoid a confrontation with her family?

It's a walk on the WILD side for Georgia in this final tale in The Ivy Chronicles . Georgia has watched her friends Pepper and Emerson fall in love with good guys, so she's feeling a bit left out. Another friend invites Georgia to come with her to the kink club, which is a bit of an eye opener for someone as prim and proper as she. It also turns her on when she spots Logan making out with a couple of gals there, including one whom Georgia soon envisions as a rival for Logan's affections. Logan tries to turn her off by appearing crude and out of her league, but it does just the opposite. She thinks she shouldn't get involved with him, because not only is he younger than she is, but he appears so wrong for her. Too bad her libido has other ideas. They can't avoid the inevitable, which leads to more than a few burning hot kisses…

WILD is told totally from the first person point of view of Georgia, so we can only guess what Logan is feeling inside, though he makes it clear he thinks she's totally hot. He also thinks he's not worthy of the “rich girl” because his father is a drunkard and they're barely scraping by. Georgia's family lives several states away, but her mother tries to keep a tight leash on her. Will she resist the noose around her neck and end up marrying the man her mother sees as the perfect husband?

Readers might find Georgia a bit immature (hey, she is only twenty) but Logan had to grow up fast after dealing with his father. In many ways, Logan might be eighteen, but he's light years older. WILD is an emotional journey of young lovers finding their way—both in life and to each other. Immerse yourself in this intriguing read.

Patti Fischer