MY FAIR LOVER – Nicole Jordan
A Legendary Lovers Novel , Book 5
Ballantine Books
ISBN-13:  978-0-553-39258-6
September 2017
Historical Romance

London, England and France – 1817

Lady Katharine Wilde has a desperate history with Brandon Deverill, and in a foolhardy scheme, has dressed as a nobleman's liveried male servant to meet him in his hotel.  Six years ago before Brandon left for America, Kate took off all her clothes and got in his bed, intending to seduce him.  When Brandon sent her away, Kate's ego was bruised, and the feelings of not being good enough still linger.  Brandon's family owned ships, and he fought against the British Navy in the past years, and is now back in England because an uncle died and Brandon is the heir to an ancient English Barony.  Her Aunt Isabella has asked Kate to help turn Brandon into a proper English gentlemen, but Kate doesn't know if she can overcome her hurt and not show her broken heart.

Sure, Brandon has left his family behind in America and left the family business to his younger brother, and now needs to fit in with the English aristocracy.  All those years ago he knew he couldn't take Kate's innocence and leave her for however long.  Despite her disguise, she is still as quick witted and beautiful as usual.  His plan is to ask her to find him the perfect wife, a quiet and biddable girl.  In reality, Brandon quickly realizes Kate is the only woman he could even contemplate marrying; the only bad thing is she desires to marry for love—how is that even possible?  His parents had a marriage of convenience that was cold and lacking any kind of love or affection between them or to their children.  That is all he knows, and considers love something unattainable.  In return for making him into a respectable Englishman and finding him a wife, Brandon agrees to try to find where Kate's parents perished in a ship sailing out of France, and giving her mother a proper burial and a headstone.  Deal made!

Before leaving for France, Brandon is introduced to several of the young ladies currently on the marriage mart; from the quiet, shy misses to those Kate think might fit Brandon more.  Even the mistress of another man means to cast her net at Brandon, but Kate will have none of that!  An exciting adventure awaits them on a ship while they try to locate the sunken ship that killed Kate's parents and maybe find some of the missing jewels that sank with them.

Nicole Jordan continues the Legendary Lovers Series with Pygmalion ; turning Brandon from an American into an English lord.  The Wilde family is known for their passions and wild ways; scandal is nothing new to them.  And Kate has been the family matchmaker, matching her brothers and cousin with their true loves.  Kate doesn't know who is her match, only that they must have a love match like she remembers her mother and father had before they perished, and she isn't willing to settle for less.  Brandon is brash and strong willed, blessed with the good looks and body that can never be ignored.  As a member of the Wilde family, Lady Katharine glows and sparkles in society, and knows every woman that would be a good wife for Brandon, until she comes to the conclusion that she is the best choice for him.

Secondary characters are plentiful; lots of Kate's relatives who owe their happiness and great marriages to Kate.  There is the pirate Louvel, whom Brandon had met years ago and left a scar on his face over a woman.  He is the only local pirate who can find and help with the excavation of the sunken ship, and his mistress, Gabrielle.

MY FAIR LOVER highlights two strong personalities; Brandon who must learn to open his heart to love, and Kate, who comes to the conclusion that she might have to marry Brandon without love on his part—even though there's lots of passion!  Gay repartee and an exciting exploration of a sunken ship, MY FAIR LOVER will hit all the high marks for an unforgettable read this month.

Carolyn Crisher