PRIMAL HEAT - Crystal Jordan
ISBN-10: 0-7582-3830-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-3830-6
November 2010

Erotic Paranormal Romance Anthology

When an alien armada of Kith arrive in Earth's airspace determined to find their emperor's One, his soul mate, all sorts of fireworks are about to go off and no one will be the same...

Wicked Lord

United States and aboard the Vishra - Present day

Lord Farid Arjun, the shape shifting Kith Ambassador, may be irresistible in dreams, but U.S. Sergeant Major Bren Preston, the right hand of General William Arthur (leader of the newly assembled team bent on protecting Earth from the Kith “invasion”) is determined she'll never give in to the passion he so easily provokes in real life. However, when she begins to suspect General Arthur of using the Kith's arrival to seize power he may never release, even when they leave, Bren sees no other option - she has to get Farid's help to bring Arthur down. Just one problem, there's no way Bren and Farid are going to be able to share the same space without giving in to the passion that makes their dreams so hot. And when they go up against Arthur, secrets will come to light, the kind that could spell the end to any chance at a relationship between the two of them.

Bren and Farid are both eminently self-disciplined, stubborn and smart people, unfortunately, they're notsmart enough to know that sometimes, you just have to grab on to the chance fate hands you, the opportunity to find a forever kind of love. It's an explosion of wills and the kind of heat that will singe your fingers whenever they're together making this a tale you won't soon forget.

Carnal Empress

United States and aboard the Vishra - Present day

Kyber, the Kith Emperor felt his One from across the stars and when he finally meets Jana Townsend, they both feel as if they've finally found their destiny. Unfortunately, General Arthur isn't ready to see anyone's happy ending come to light, not unless it's his own, and nearly succeeds in destroying the lovers. They're together again, but will Kyber and Jana ever recapture the joy and love they once found together, or will their One bond be forever dissolved?

Jana was an innocent when Kyber, an honorable and noble man, found her. However, by the end of this story it's clear she and Kyber are forever changed by some seriously heinous (though thankfully not explicitly described) crimes, the only question is - is it for the better? This tale is by far the more emotional of the two, and will wrench at your heartstrings as often as it leaves you breathless when they indulge their more carnal appetites.

There's no doubt Crystal Jordan has a talent for creating characters readers can't help but care about and storylines that thoroughly capture the imagination. This action packed and highly emotional book positively sizzles and I'm convinced that by the end you'll join me in wishing for an armada of tiger shapeshifters to show up looking for their Ones. Don't miss this delicious look into the lives of the Kith and those they love. PRIMAL HEAT is a surefire winner.

Lori Ann