NIGHT GAMES - Crystal Jordan
Night Series , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0758-261-56-4
March 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Seattle Washington , Present Day

Selina Grayson is a police officer assigned to the Magickal Task Force. She is special; a centuries old elf who knows the reasons for the rules Normals and Magickals are forced to abide by. Now she is put on the resurfaced cold case where the killer drains the blood of mortals who know about the magickal world.

Jack is a firm believer in the idea of friends-with-benefits, so when Selina agrees for a one night stand, he is not disappointed. Neither wants to form any kind of long lasting relationship, so the arrangement seems perfect. However, with the killer on the loose and with tragic pasts resurfacing, can Selina and Jack keep their attractions purely physical?

Crystal Jordan has produced another erotic winner with NIGHT GAMES. Blending the supernatural and suspense elements together wonderfully, this novel will blow erotica fans away. The tortured souls meeting and dragging up their pasts is captivating, and readers will be rooting for Selina and Jack to work things out. Their relationship is raw, sexy, and engaging. The suspense will keep readers on their toes, guessing, and failing, to find out who the killer really is. Jordan gives nothing away on this thrill ride.

NIGHT GAMES is hot and steamy, but not explicitly erotic. There are plenty of steamy scenes, but they are placed strategically so that they do not completely overrun the story with sex. NIGHT GAMES can be read alone, but it follows Ms. Jordan 's EMBRACE THE NIGHT.

Fantasy erotica fans will be pleased with this addition to the genre. With everything from scorching sex scenes to confounding mystery, Ms. Jordan has a real winner. Check out her website for her upcoming releases in many genres.