REVEALING US - Lisa Renee Jones
The Inside Out Trilogy , Book 3
Gallery Books
ISBN: 978-1-476-72722-6
September 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Paris, France - Present Day

Though Sara McMillan is aware that her lover, Chris Merit, is still holding something back from her, she's hoping they've weathered their last storm.  She knows that going to Paris with Chris is a test of her trust in him, but she also believes that it's the only way she can find out the secrets of his past and move toward a future together.  Of course, if having her wallet stolen before she clears customs in the Paris airport is any indication, her adventure may not be as fun as she'd like.

Unfortunately, that's only the beginning of Sara's problems, as they quickly find out that she left behind problems in San Francisco.  Ava, a woman Sara thought was a friend, tried to kill her and admitted that she killed Rebecca, a woman Sara's become obsessed with finding.  Now though, Ava is claiming that Sara was the one who killed Rebecca, and while the police don't believe it, they still have questions.  As if this isn't enough, Sara also meets Amber—a woman that Chris is very close to—and Sara knows she'll cause trouble between them.  Sara and Chris love each other, but with so many obstacles in their path, it's hard to believe they can ever have the relationship they both yearn for.

Finding the mysterious journals of Rebecca Mason sent Sara on a mission to find a woman she'd never met, as well as an exploration of BDSM.  In REVEALING US, Sara has faced some of Chris's dark side and is ready to see the rest, but his trepidation over opening up to her leaves her a little uneasy.  Ava's attempt to implicate Sara in Rebecca's death complicates things for Sara, and Chris's relationship with Amber only makes things worse.  Sara's also still trying to find her friend Ella, who supposedly was planning to marry her doctor fiancé while in Paris but hasn't been heard from in over a month.  While the sex scenes are as sizzling hot as the previous books, this story focuses a little more on the emotional aspect of their relationship.  It definitely helps to have read the books in order, because they don't feel like sequels so much as one story told in three parts.  However, REVEALING US is still an enticing novel that is sure to captivate readers.

Jennifer Bishop