DAMAGE CONTROL - Lisa Renee Jones
Dirty Money , Book 2
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1250083838
February 2017
Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Present Day - Denver, Colorado

Shane Brandon knows Emily Stevens has a secret, and considering he's fighting his own family as well as a local cartel for control of Brandon Enterprises, secrets are something he can't afford. It would be easier to intimidate her into revealing everything if he didn't like her so much. But when he does find out what Emily is hiding, he ends up just adding her problems to his own. When it rains, it pours, and Shane is in the middle of a monsoon.

Now that Emily has revealed her secrets, and gets Shane's offer to help, it doesn't make her feel any safer—now she's just more nervous since she brought deadly trouble to Shane's door. But despite the threat to her life, Emily is not about to let Shane deal with Brandon Enterprises alone. Essentially working as a spy within the company, she has to walk the line between being damaging enough to not let Shane's family win, yet helpful enough to be kept on.

DAMAGE CONTROL is just as much of a roller coaster as the first book, HARD RULES. Shane and Emily just can't catch a break, and the world is coming at them from all sides. Luckily, Shane has some allies in his corner, but the forces he's against are brutal and take no prisoners. The story itself is dark, gritty, and so fast paced you won't get a second to breathe.

This book cannot be read without first reading HARD RULES (August 2016). Due to the convoluted nature of the story, even if you have read HARD RULES before, I suggest you read it again right before picking up DAMAGE CONTROL, or some of the subtle secondary plots will be lost in the shuffle.

Shane and Emily's story continues in BAD DEEDS coming August 2017.

Amanda Toth