St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-0-312-62522-1
October 2013
Young Adult Paranormal Fiction

Riley's Switch, New Mexico - Present Day

Lorelei McAlister is determined to save her family and friends, even if it means leaving her hometown and attending Bedford, the ultra posh boarding school, she figures she has to run as far away as possible to save herself and her loved ones. Her loved ones include the Angel of Death himself, who goes by Jared Kovach on Earth and who once defied his orders and saved Lorelei, instead precipitating her death. Now that Jared has broken a celestial law and received the punishment of remaining on Earth, Lorelei and he are dating, although she hasn't told  him or anyone but her grandparents where she's hiding out.

Unfortunately, running doesn't help. Lorelei has the unfortunate gift of touching people and seeing the future; specifically she can see how and when people die. No fun to be sure. Not long after Lorelei touches her arch enemy at her new school, she has a vision. The vision is very graphic and very frightening, and in it Lorelei realizes that she is seeing the end of the world. To make matters worse, she has been receiving notes from someone who is watching her, and who knows who she is. When Lorelei realizes that no matter where she hides, she and her family and friends are still in danger. She realizes that home is where she belongs while she tries to save the world from what appears to her to be certain doom. Can she do it? Can she thwart the coming apocalypse despite her premonitions and visions?

The third (and it looks like last) book in the Lorelei McAlister series is the best. The action is fast and the writing is crisp and sharp. Jones strikes just the right humor and angst in the story—after all, with the coming apocalypse one can't be funny all of the time. There are touching moments, funny moments and crazy action scenes that had me turning the pages well into the night. Good characterization and dialogue were pivotal in feeling the characters were believable…even the unbelievable ones. With just enough romantic tension, without details, this was a perfectly entertaining young adult novel that adults can also enjoy.

Kudos to Darynda Jones for another grand slam with death and the girl he loves. I can't wait to see what she does next.

Astrid Kinn