Midnight Cowboys - Book One
ISBN: 9781420136210
May 2015
Contemporary Romance

Oklahoma - Present Day

Tyler is planning to take the easy road in life for as long as he can. He can get his own place and worry about starting a family later. But while running away from a jealous boyfriend who caught Tyler making out with his girlfriend, Tyler finds himself face to face with Janie. In that one moment, Tyler knows he's lost…and he will do anything to see her again. Including making up more and more excuses to help her on her ranch. Free of charge, of course.

Janie lost her husband over a year ago, but she's still not ready to join the rest of the world. Tyler is a fun distraction, a cute guy to have working on the farm. And when she starts to anticipate his visits, Janie has a crisis of the heart---she can't like him, right? Over ten years younger than herself, Janie can't imagine why Tyler would want someone like her. And she's not sure she can get over her own hangups and let their blossoming love grow.

MIDNIGHT RIDE is a sweet start to what is going to be an amazing new contemporary romance series. Cat Johnson knows how to write some compelling, sexy cowboys, and her heroines are strong and true. Tyler is young, but knows Janie is the one for him, and he's willing to sacrifice and step up to prove it.

This book is a one-sitting read, and even when you reach the end, you'll be desperate for more of Janie and Tyler's story. Not only are the hero and heroine something spectacular, but the side characters will be much loved as well. And readers will not be able to wait to see more of the Midnight Cowboys !

The next book in the series, MIDNIGHT WRANGLER, releases November 2015, and features Tyler's boss Rohn, so be on the lookout!

Amanda Toth