Midnight Cowboys,
Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3625-8
March 2016
Contemporary Romance

Oklahoma Present Day

While planning for a trip with her best friend, Phoenix realized she had misplaced her birth certificate. She sent in her request for a new one, and was surprised when she got one back with a mother's name listed. Phoenix was the product of a closed adoption; she never knew her birth mother's name and now that she knows, she can't keep herself from making the drive to Arizona to find this woman. But when she shows up at the house, she doesn't find her mother. Nope, instead she finds a very hot cowboy hired to pack up the contents of the house and drive them to the new house several states away.

After losing his brother two years ago, Justin has given up his own life to move back in with his mother and take care of her. But dealing with work, the household chores, trying to get his mother to eat, and making his meager salary cover all the bills is starting to wear him down. He decided to take a few days off from everything, and get paid while doing it. Running an errand for his boss's fiancée wasn't exactly his plan, but it won't be so bad. Especially when he meets Phoenix while on the road. And surprise surprise, she's looking for his boss's fiancée. Well, the drive back to Oklahoma is a long one, and Phoenix seems like the perfect company . . .

After Tyler and Rohn got their own stories, it was about time broody Justin got his chance in the spotlight! And this is more than just a love story. Readers will be rooting for Justin and Phoenix to find a way to make it work despite the distance and their family issues. But just as important is seeing how Phoenix comes to terms with finding her birth mother, and how Justin can deal with his own mother's depression and inability to move on.

Since a previous character features so heavily in this story, I suggest interested readers at least pick up the previous book in this series, MIDNIGHT WRANGLER (Nov. 2015), though it isn't strictly necessary. There's no mention of another book in the series, but there's still a chance Colton might get a story of his own in the future.

Amanda Toth