TAKING EVE Iris Johansen
St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-01997-4
April 2013

Atlanta, Georgia Present Day

Forensic Sculptor Eve Duncan is saying a temporary goodbye to her partner and lover, Atlanta Police Detective Joe Quinn.  Joe is reluctant to board a plane for Florida, but he has to testify in court.  Putting killers away is his job, but even so, he's nervous about leaving Eve.  His gut tells him that she's in trouble; she's been having nightmares again, and it has put him on edge.  Eve hugs him and tells him not to worry; their adopted daughter, Jane Maguire, is on her way from France for a visit, so she will be there to keep Eve company while Joe is away.

Meanwhile, a man named James Doane is watching Eve.  Waiting.  Eve is a necessary part of the plan he has been formulating for years.  Once her boyfriend is out of the house, and he ensures that her daughter never arrives, Eve will be all his.

Lee Zander warned FBI agent Venable that James Doane is a wild card.  Doane never should have been allowed so much freedom.  Now Zander has to kill again if things get out of hand.

Jane Maguire is on her way to San Juan Island, instead of Atlanta where Eve is waiting. Jane's beloved dog Toby is deathly ill, and the only veterinarian who can save him is in San Juan.  Jane persuades Seth Caleb to fly her there, and tells Eve she'll be in Atlanta as soon as Toby is better.  But, unknown to Caleb or Jane, a killer lies in wait.  He will make sure that Jane never reaches Atlanta.

All the players are right where they belong as the beginning of Iris Johansen's new trilogy begins with TAKING EVE.  A madman wants Eve to help him find his son Kevin, and he is lying in wait for her.  James Doane will make sure Eve does as he bids, and then he will kill her, just like all those others.  The suspense is taut, and this story moves quickly.  The only thing I can really tell you is that this madman gets Eve.  He takes her away where she is out of reach of Joe, Jane, and any of her friends that might be able to help her. But Eve is a fighter, and surprises await.  Agent Venable is trying to placate Joe, who threatens to do him great harm if Eve is hurt.  And Lee Zander is another killer waiting and watching.

This new trilogy continues in July 2013 with HUNTING EVE, and will come to a successful conclusion (we hope!) in October 2013 with the release of SILENCING EVE.  I can't wait to read the subsequent novels!

Fast paced and one of Ms. Johansen's most suspenseful novels to date, TAKING EVE is the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Eve Duncan and Joe Quinn.  Do not miss this book!

Diana Risso