SHADOW PLAY - Iris Johansen
Eve Duncan Series - Book 19
St Martin's Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-02010-9
October 2015

Northern and Central California, and Atlanta, Georgia - Present Day

When Sheriff John Nalchek in California finds the skull of a young girl who's been buried for eight years, he doesn't hesitate to send the specimen to Forensic Sculptor Eve Duncan in Georgia.  Eve is well known across the country as the top in her field, an occupation she trained for after the kidnapping and death of her daughter, Bonnie, several years ago.  Bonnie's spirit has visited Eve from time to time, especially when Eve is at a low point and feeling down.  So, when Eve receives this new skull, she's not overly surprised that the spirit of the little girl who once occupied the skull tries to speak to her.

As Eve begins and finishes the reconstruction of the skull, she learns the child's name was Jenny.  Jenny's ghost leads Eve on a quest to deliver the skull back to Sheriff Nalchek in California and to find her killer.  Once again, we have a visit from Bonnie who helps Eve converse with Jenny, a young spirit just learning to communicate with humans while she tries to retrieve her memory of her life and subsequent death all those years ago.

Jenny's spirit is such that it leads everyone involved to find the murderer, sending Eve and her lover, Joe Quinn, back to California where they meet up with an old friend, Margaret Douglas, the young woman who helps communicate with animals to solve puzzles.  And hot on Eve's trail is Jenny's killer, who wants Eve silenced and the reconstruction of the girl's skull destroyed.  As Eve and Margaret stay always one step ahead of the killer, Jenny fades in and out in a desperate attempt to help Eve.

SHADOW PLAY is a tense and suspenseful story as we follow Eve Duncan and her friends on this latest quest to find and bring a killer to justice.  Even though this is number nineteen in the long line of Eve Duncan stories, SHADOW PLAY stands totally alone as a great story!  For ultimate suspense and thrills, this book stands on top of the best!  Visit the author's website at for a list of all these great books!

SHADOW PLAY reveals a secret at the end and leaves us hanging waiting for the next installment in Eve Duncan's story. Don't miss out!

Diana Risso