NIGHT AND DAY – Iris Johansen
An Eve Duncan Novel , Book 3 of 3
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-07583-3 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-4668-8721-3 (e-Book)
July 19, 2016
Thriller Fiction

Present Day Scotland and Russia

When Eve Duncan reconstructs a victim's skull (often a child's) to identify it, she sometimes makes a communication with its spirits, as she does with her own daughter, Bonnie, who was taken and killed at age seven. In Atlanta, Eve was sent a skull she identified as the daughter of a Mexican drug lord after she had been kidnapped and murdered by a rival. Through Jenny's spirit and Bonnie's, Eve learns Jennie's younger sister and their nurse escaped and are in danger in California. But when Eve tries to save them, the nurse is killed, leaving Eve with young Cara to protect. They aren't safe in California, so Eve and her long-time lover, Joe Quinn—ex SEAL, ex FBI, now with the Atlanta PD—agree to take her in their keeping. Once back in Georgia, Eve takes Cara to Scotland where her adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire, is staying at the castle of Laird MacDuff. Since she was seventeen, Jane would have dreams of a Macedonian woman who fled to the Scottish highlands with a treasure of gold coins. Jane and MacDuff have been trying to find it.

Cara, now eleven, is not yet safe. Someone finds her in Scotland, kidnaps her, chloroforms her, and loads her into a helicopter. This is where this third episode of the trilogy begins. The person who takes Cara is none other than her own mother, a sociopath if ever there was one. Natalie Castino is not Mexican, but Russian, also the daughter of a powerful criminal. He's a high-up in the Russian Mafia, with a castle and compound in Russia, where Natalie takes Cara. Not that Natalie takes Cara out of love. No, she's very interested in the ancient treasure hidden in Scotland. And now she hates Eve!

NIGHT AND DAY is peopled with characters who are many and varied . . . evil ones, good ones, some who could go either way, but all interesting and complicated . . . hmmm. The same could be said of the plot. You'll find suspense and thrills, love and hate. Don't miss the concluding chapter of this terrific trilogy.

I said concluding, didn't I? But this is an Iris Johansen work is it not? I suspect there will be more Eve Duncan stories. After all, didn't we just meet a new person with unknown potential?

Jane Bowers