HUNTING EVE - Iris Johansen
Eve Duncan, Book #14 (#2 of new trilogy)
St. Martin's Press (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 978-1-250-01999-8
July 2013

Somewhere in Colorado, and Atlanta, Georgia Present Day

Madman James Doane has kidnapped forensic sculptor Eve Duncan for his own evil purpose.  He's taken her from her home in Atlanta to a remote location in Colorado where he's been holding her hostage while she works her re-creative magic on his son Kevin's burned skull.  There is no doubt in Eve's mind that he will kill her when she finishes what he demands.

Meanwhile, Eve's long-time lover, Atlanta Police Detective Joe Quinn, is frantically trying to piece together the puzzle leading to Eve's abduction.  Joe is joined by CIA operative, Agent Venable; Joe and Eve's adopted daughter, Jane Maguire; and Jane's friends, Caleb and Margaret.  Recovering from a gunshot wound courtesy of Doane's manipulations, Jane is determined to join the hunt for Eve.  These people set the scene in Atlanta and in and around Eve and Joe's cabin on a lake somewhere out of the city.

In Los Angeles, California, musical therapist Kendra Michaels is getting ready to leave for Atlanta. She's been summoned by Joe to help locate Eve.  Blind for the first twenty years of her life, Kendra now uses her highly honed alternate senses to help law enforcement solve crimes where they cannot find clues.  Kendra can look at a person and tell them their life's history just by their clothing, their demeanor, and the way they speak.  With absolutely no information on Eve's abduction, Joe is at a loss for answers, and Kendra will be able to help.

Jane's friend, Margaret, talks to animals.  She has abilities that are beyond reason, but she's able to help Joe and Kendra find the trail that might lead to Eve's location.

Back in Colorado, James Doane is HUNTING EVE.  She has escaped into the wilderness that surrounds the building where he kept her captive.  James is an experienced tracker and hunter, and Eve is out there alone, with no protective clothing or weapons.  She has to keep one step ahead of this madman and pray for a way out before he catches up with her.  Adding to the mix of quirky characters is hired assassin Lee Zander, who just wants Doane dead.  Since Agent Venable can't seem to keep the man in custody, Zander means to put Doane in his grave, whether or not he has to take down Eve Duncan in the process.  Secrets are revealed about Eve, along with strong hints of the paranormal in this story that cause the reader to engage in a lot of deep thinking!

HUNTING EVE is the second in the 2013 Eve Duncan Trilogy , which is book #14 in the Eve Duncan Series.  The pace is fast and the plot suspenseful as everyone converges in Colorado, either trying to kill Eve, or save her.  A multitude of characters keep the reader glued to the pages as Eve tries to stay one step ahead of Doane, never realizing that another killer is simultaneously tracking her as well.  This trilogy began with the release of TAKING EVE (April 2013) and concludes in SILENCING EVE, scheduled for October 2013.  HUNTING EVE stands alone with enough back-story for those who might not have read the first novel of the series.  That said, I advise readers to start with TAKING EVE for maximum thrills.  You will not want to miss one page of this dynamic trilogy.  October is too far away, but we have to patiently wait to see if Eve can survive another madman this time around.

Diana Risso