HIDE AWAY Iris Johansen
An Eve Duncan Novel
St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 978-1-250-07582-6 (hardcover)
ISBN: 978-1-46688720-6 (e-book)
May 2016
Contemporary Thriller

California; Mexico City, Mexico, and Scotland

Eight years ago, a Mexican drug cartel kingpin had his arch-rival's two daughters kidnapped with their nurse. Jenny, the older girl, was killed and buried near Carmel, California. When discovered, her skull was sent to forensic sculpture Eve Duncan for reconstruction, something she has an unusual talent for. Eve can sometimes make a connection with the spirit of one she works on. In this case, Eve is led to California where the younger sister, Cara, now eleven, and her nurse, who have been running and hiding for years, are in great danger from the villain who intends to wipe them out. In the attempt by his man to kill Cara and Elena, Eve managed to save Cara, but not the nurse. This was told in the first of this new trilogy, SHADOW PLAY (Sept. 2015).

HIDE AWAY opens with Eve ready to be discharged from the California hospital. She and her long-time lover, Joe Quinn, ex-SEAL, ex-FBI and now a detective with the Atlanta PD in Georgia, plan to take Cara with them to keep her from being sent back to Mexico and more danger. They have taken on more than they know, as the drug lord, Salazar, will not stop until both Cara and Eve are dead. Cara and Eve's flight will take them to the Highlands of Scotland where they become involved with Eve and Joe's adopted daughter, Jane MacGuire, and the Lord of MacDuff. While Joe stays behind for a while, they will be hunting treasure buried centuries ago by a figure in Jane's dreams. Several of the people you'll meet have unusual touches of talents.

HIDE AWAY is filled with strongly developed characters, some truly nasty ones, but others who are heroic in their efforts to help their friends. Add in a complex and intriguing plot that will be hard to set down, and you have a winner. There is a caveat to my high recommendation, however. The story won't be wholly complete until the third book of this trilogy, DAY AND NIGHT, coming out in mid-July this year. In fact, it would be best to read the three books in order for most enjoyment.

Jane Bowers