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CLOSE YOUR EYES Iris and Roy Johansen
St. Martin's Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-61161-3
July 2012

Southern California Present Day

Music therapist Dr. Kendra Michaels has made a name for herself in her profession, and accidentally in crime solving as well. Kendra helps bring autistic children out of their closed worlds and into a new life of accomplishment. And even though her unique abilities are known all across the nation to forensic technicians, she would rather not use her skills to catch killers. The cost is too high.

Blind for the first twenty years of her life, Kendra is aware of her surroundings in ways the average person ignores. Now that she can see, her eyes are simply a secondary tool as she uses her super-sensitive smell and hearing in ways no one else would think of.

When former FBI agent Adam Lynch pays a forced call on Kendra's studio workshop, she has his whole life pegged within a few moments of meeting him, simply by observing. But she wants him gone. The last time she helped the FBI, it almost cost her life. She wants nothing to do with Lynch or the FBI or catching criminals. But Lynch dangles the proverbial carrot for Kendra. Her former lover, FBI Agent Jeff Stedler, has been missing and is presumed kidnapped by a serial killer. Kendra does not want to get involved, but she can't let Jeff die.

CLOSE YOUR EYES is a unique thriller by popular suspense authors Iris Johansen and her son Roy. CLOSE YOUR EYES follows the release of their short story, WITH OPEN EYES (June 2012), which introduced Kendra Michaels to the Johansens' readers. This follow up novel, CLOSE YOUR EYES, is populated with lots of dynamic characters, some friendly and some evil. Against the wishes and will of local FBI director Michael Griffin, Kendra and Lynch manage to stay one step ahead of him and his investigative team. Griffin resents Kendra; she's smarter than he is and gets under his skin by solving the clues before he can find them. Kendra and Lynch, with the FBI following close behind, rush to stop the killer and prevent a deadly virus from being released upon an unsuspecting public. The other secondary characters are sharp and engaging. Kendra's blind best friend, Olivia Brandt, and many other personalities make this story one that is hard to put down. In a race against time, Kendra once again finds herself the target of a killer, so be sure you do not CLOSE YOUR EYES!

Diana Risso