My Immortal Series, Book 3
Grand Central
ISBN-13:  978-0-446-56386-4
January 2011
Paranormal Romance
San Francisco, California – Present Day

Tigran is about to lose his life to Christophe dit Menart, his mage.  Christophe took a woman, Grayson Spencer, and brought her into his world and gave her to Tigran in order for them to reproduce a child he could enslave also.  But Tigran will have his revenge; after all he did to Grayson, he also taught her all she could comprehend of his magic, and when the blade pierced his heart, his magic entered her instead of Christophe.  The murder of Tigran would have given Christophe a longer life, but Tigran robbed it from him.  But he has more to worry about, as Grayson now has Tigran's magic and is determined to kill him for the life he took from her, and the murder of her lover.

When Durian meets Grayson Spencer after an attempt on Christophe's life, he is interested in what a demonkind fiend was doing with magic flowing through her that she has no control over.  Durian is an assassin, bound to Nikodemus, a warlord, to do his death sanctions as ordered.  As they confront Christophe, it is apparent he wants Gray back in order to use her magic for his own purposes.  For some reason Durian befriends Gray and gives her a chance to learn to control the magic Tigran gave her; in return she will give her fealty to him, as he has to Nikodemus.

Gray is being taught how to control her powers and become one with Durian as they face many fights and obstacles.  Their bond is strengthened after they become intimate, and as Gray confronts her old life and what happened to her family after she was kidnapped, they and their friends will tackle other demons determined to get Gray's powers for their own and deal with Christophe's troublemaking.  Is Gray and Durian's link only magical, or can there be love or something like it between them?

Carolyn Jewel has written a story about our world populated by people with different types of magic and powers.  They say they are using their powers to protect humankind…but are they?  Told from Gray's and Durian's points of view, Durian is an assassin with a job to do.  He has a painful past and enjoys his freedom, such as it is.  Gray had another life with her family and sister until Christophe ruined it, kidnapped her and changed her into something she almost doesn't recognize.  Now her one goal in life is to see him dead, and if joining with Durian will help her, so be it. It doesn't help that the more powerful magic a man has, the better looking he is, and Durian is VERY powerful.

Secondary characters are varied, and all have different types of powers.  Maddie is a witch; Iskander was part of a bond-twin whose bond had to be severed when his twin plotted against him.  The severing has strained him almost to the point of insanity.  Nikodemus is the warlord, and there are other demons, warlords, magekinds and mages, and they will all enthrall you with their powers.

MY IMMORTAL ASSASSIN, book 3 in the My Immortals series, continues the stories of the other people with powers we don't know about that live amongst us.  Suspend your thoughts of assassins and demons and enjoy Gray and Durian's road to oneness through magic and love.

Carolyn Crisher