Hellions of Halstead Hall, Book 3
Pocket Books
ISBN: 978-1-4391-6755-7
January 2011
Historical Romance

London, 1806 to 1825

Nine year-old Minerva Sharpe was devastated to attend her parents' funeral.  The only thing that saved the day was Giles Masters.  The young man, her brother's best friend, held her hand in comfort.  She fell in love with him that day.  Ten years later, hearing about a masquerade ball, she decided to attend; how was she to know it was a demimonde gathering and certainly not the kind of ball that a young debutante would attend?  She only wanted to attract Giles, now a barrister.  Minerva discovered him in the study rifling through drawers of a desk and threatened him with exposure unless he kissed her.  He kissed her thoroughly, but when he said she was playing the doxy, it broke her heart, and she fell out of love with him.

For nine years, Giles has worked undercover for the Home Office, playing the rogue.  He is finally able to quit his secretive work and is now hoping to become the King's Counsel.

Minerva is working as a gothic novelist, but in order to get her inheritance, she must marry.  She decides to shock her grandmother into allowing her to remain single by holding interviews for a husband.  She has been using Giles as the model for the villain in her books and getting a little too close to his undercover activities.  He decides to interview for the position of husband.  He has never forgotten the sizzling kiss from years ago.  She decides to accept Giles's proposal because her three brothers and grandmother will never agree to their marriage.  They all believe he is a rake and a scapegrace.  She agrees to kill the villain in her novels for his participation in a pretend engagement.

It is time for Giles to get on with his career and marry; he has decided the lovely Minerva will be his bride, and so the delicious seduction begins.

The first book in the Hellions of Halstead Hall series is THE TRUTH ABOUT LORD STONEVILLE, January 2010, and book two is A HELLION IN HER BED, September 2010.  Readers will enjoy reading book three, Minerva's story, and how she finds true love in HOW TO WOO A RELUCTANT LADY.  Minerva is a feisty, independent woman, sure of herself and what she wants, and she has decided that she does not want Giles…or does she?  He tries to change her mind, and she gives him quite a run for his money!  She is no shy maiden, but Giles is equally sure of himself and knows that the beautiful woman doth protest too much.

HOW TO WOO A RELUCTANT LADY has a lot of romance with a little suspense.  The story is lively and moves along at a good clip.  Secondary characters, Minerva's three brothers, are fun and protective of their sister.  This is a story to cuddle up close to the fire with and enjoy.  It is sure to please.

Marilyn Heyman