Pocket Keepsake Quilts - Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3765-1
February 2017
Amish Historical Romance

Berlin, Ohio - 1903

Anna Plank has been seeing Noah Schwartz for three years, and even as she has been anticipating Noah's proposal, she also has doubts.  Anna loves Noah, but she's growing increasingly unhappy in their relationship.  Noah is all about change; he's never happy with routine, and he looks around every corner for a new adventure to brighten his day.  Worse yet, he insists on changing Anna!  Whenever he enters the dry goods store where she works, Noah rearranges her quilt or tablecloth displays, insisting his way is better.  He advises her on everything; nothing she does is good enough or done his way.  The stress is almost too much for Anna to bear; she's happy with her life and her job, and she worries that Noah cannot settle.

Daniel Bontrager is new in Berlin, having moved from Lancaster to take over his late brother's farm and start his roofing business.  Daniel is looking for a new start after losing both his parents, then his brother and sister-in-law.  He offers to fix things long neglected around the Plank farm, and slowly he and Anna become friends.

When Noah finally proposes to Anna, she refuses him when, on the heels of his declaration of love, Noah informs Anna that they will immediately move to Lancaster.  He wants to live there for a time then move around from town to town and make their married life one big adventure!  Instead, Noah moves to Lancaster without Anna.

TWO SUITORS FOR ANNA is the third book in the Pocket Keepsake Quilts Series , heartwarming stories about the strong women who sew quilts with little pockets sewn in so that loved ones put handwritten notes inside for the recipient to read.  Each of these books stands alone, but you can find a list of all the novels on the author's website, .

Daniel and Noah are TWO SUITORS FOR ANNA.  As our dear Anna struggles with her feelings in this story of courage, fortitude, and sweet romance, other threads in the plot tell us of Leah, Anna's sister, who has been sneaking out to meet with an Englisch boy, which subsequently invites trouble into their lives.  Anna has many worries these days, and we feel her struggle when Noah returns to Berlin, pleading with her to marry him; but in his absence, she has been seeing Daniel.  Now, she must choose between the two men. Which one does she love?  Please join Anna in her struggle to choose her future!

Diana Risso