A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel , # 2
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3763-7
February 2016
Inspirational Historical Romance

Berlin, Ohio in 1900

Berlin is a small, close-knit Amish community with farms and small businesses. One of the businesses, Grace and Sarah's Dry Goods Shop, is run by two young ladies. Grace's father and Sarah's husband bought the store and gave it to them to run. They sell many fabric items for the home, hand-made by themselves and other women of the area. The items they are best noted for are the unique quilts made with a pocket into which a buyer can tuck a loving letter for the recipient of the gift. Grace's parents would love to see their already twenty-one year-old daughter marry. In fact, her father has tried to arrange a marriage for her more than once, only to be unsuccessful. Grace is a sweet and caring girl . . . with a large red birthmark on her left cheek. She's accustomed to strangers—and others—looking quickly away when meeting her.

Mark King moved from the Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after tragically losing his parents. He also lost his brother, but not through death. Abel left the Amish world and its laws, so must be shunned by the faithful, including Mark. Through good fortune, Mark was able to buy a farm in Berlin, one with a workshop where he can do the work he loves, carving wood and making furniture. He also bought a shop in town where he can sell his products. It happens to have a connecting door to the dry goods shop next door. He's immediately attracted to the sweet face and kind eyes of one of the ladies in the shop. Grace can't get over the handsome man who doesn't seem to see her birth mark, but looks her right in the eyes.

GRACE'S FORGIVENESS takes us into the heart of Grace's world and brings the community with all her friends and family to life. It starts a bit slowly with details of her daily life, but things soon pick up to deliver a moving and suspense filled ride. Readers will be captivated by the evolving relationship between Grace and Mark, as well as the insight into this unique story world.

Jane Bowers