CHANGE OF HEART – Molly Jebber
A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel , Book 1
Zebra Books
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3761-3
July 2015
Historical Amish Romance

Massillon, Ohio, 1899

Becca Yost lived a devout and caring life with her parents inthe Amish community of Berlin, Ohio. She trained as a midwife and, at twenty, she was about to marry the man her father chose for her. But then everything changed on her wedding day when her fiancé told her—in front everyone—that he'd changed his mind. Becca suffered all the embarrassing sympathy for three weeks, then set off to visit her sister, Ruth, in the town of Massillon. Ruth, though a faithful Christian, had married outside the Amish order and was shunned by the community. She's now a widow with a mending shop that has grown into a successful sewing business. She's overjoyed that her beloved sister has come to visit.

On the way to Ruth's, Becca had a slight accident that caught the attention of Doctor Matt Carrington, who just happened to be in need of a nurse to help him in his practice. Well, Becca went to work for Matt, and the admiration—and attraction—was mutual. Becca readily learned more medicine and quickly won the hearts of his patients. It looked as though happiness lay ahead for them…until Matt's mother got wind of it. Matt's father is a renowned surgeon, and the family is very well off.Mrs. Carrington went out of her way to let Becca, Matt, and the world know that Becca was far beneath her son. Suddenly Mrs. Carrington began having young lady visitors and grand parties where Becca was made to feel unwelcome…and that she was bad for Matt's career.

Mrs. Carrington aside, most of the characters, especially Becca and Matt, are good and very likable characters. So while sadness happens, love softens the pain. There is an especially heartwarming thread in the story about a little boy rescued from a bad situation. Ruth plays a large part in it all. But the big question is what will it take for Matt's mother to have a change of heart?

CHANGE OF HEART is a good read. I loved Matt and Becca, though I wasn't sure about all the details. For instance, was Matt running a free clinic? Patients seem to pop in or call on Matt to come whenever needed. No one seemed to pay. And if you wonder what a keepsake pocket quilt is, you'll find out on page two. You'll also find a handy glossary at the back of the book. Did you know a boppli is a baby?

Jane Bowers