BREATHE - Lauren Jameson
ISBN: 978-0-451-46663-1
December 2013
Erotic Romance

Mexico and Las Vegas, Nevada - Present Day

Thanks to her lust-filled dreams, Samantha Collins has created a glass sculpture that is being featured in the annual erotic art exhibit at Indulgencia, the luxury resort well-known for its BDSM club in Cabo San Lucas.  Those same dreams are why she finds herself attending the exhibit and hoping to find what she is missing in her life.  Meeting Elijah Masterson, the owner of the resort, is a surprise, and while a part of her responds to the man, Samantha isn't quite ready for what he makes her feel.

Elijah Masterson knows exactly what he wants in a relationship—even a temporary one—and while he's intrigued by Samantha, he's not sure that she can give him what he needs.  Though he has his doubts that the feisty artist can submit to him completely, Elijah knows that he has to see where things between them could lead.

BREATHE is the story of one woman's exploration of submission.  Samantha has spent her life being the one in control, and fantasizes about being with a man who would take that control from her.  Both her personality and her need to run her own life make submission difficult for her; at the same time, she's started to realize that she needs someone to take over for her.  When Elijah commissions a sculpture from her, she knows he wants more, but is she ready to give Elijah that much of her?  For his part, Elijah has already been in a relationship with a woman who was submissive on her terms, and he knows that if Samantha can't submit to him fully, the relationship won't work.  While both of them have reservations, the attraction between them is too strong to ignore, and they both are willing to take a chance.

Though connected to Lauren Jameson's previous release, BLUSH, BREATHE stands well-enough on its own.  Elijah, along with Alex from BLUSH and their friend Luca, co-own In Vito Veritas, a wine bar and BDSM club in Las Vegas. Readers won't see much of Alex in this book, but we do get to see more of Luca, who will hopefully be getting his own story in the future.

A sexy tale with two very engaging characters, don't miss BREATHE.

Jennifer Bishop