BLUSH - Lauren Jameson
NAL Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-451-41972-9
May 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Las Vegas and Paradise, Nevada - Present Day

For Madeline Stone, stepping into the casino to play a game of blackjack is a huge step, and while she's working up her courage in the bar, she is surprised by the attention of a man.  With all the glamorous women in the casino, Maddy finds it hard to believe that this handsome and obviously well-to-do man is interested in her.  Even more surprising is that after sharing a glass of pricey wine, Maddy finds herself flirting with Alex Fraser.

Alex Fraser can't figure out what it is about the quiet and somehow frightened woman sitting in his casino, but he's drawn to her unlike any woman he's met in a long time.  The Dom in him senses her submissive nature, but the innocence and fragility that surround her cause Alex to hesitate.  He's a man accustomed to getting what he wants, and the way Maddy challenges him is a temptation he has difficulty resisting.  But is she ready for the kind of relationship he demands?

After a horrendous year, Maddy is doing her best to push herself into trying new things, and in BLUSH, what starts out as an attempt at gambling soon becomes an introduction to the BDSM lifestyle.  Not exactly what she'd expected when she headed into Las Vegas, Alex throws Maddy's life into chaos, and challenges her to face her past, even though he isn't aware that that's what he's doing.  Alex is very careful about relationships, thanks to both his incredible wealth and having been burned in the past, yet Maddy is different from any woman he's ever met.  He holds back with her, not sure she can handle his lifestyle, but she quickly shows him she's willing to try almost anything.

A tempting tale of romance and exploration, check out BLUSH.

Jennifer Bishop