Blacktop Cowboys,
Book 7
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-47378-3
November 2015
Contemporary Romance

Wyoming Present Day

Three years ago, Hugh and Harlow got along like oil and water. Their personalities were as different as night and day, but the attraction was definitely there. But one night together led to them both making mistakes that they would regret for a long time to come. Now, Harlow is back in town to help take care of her father, and Hugh isn't about to let her run away again. He messed up big time in the past, but he's still hoping there's a future for them.

Harlow has a painful secret that she hasn't shared with anyone, even her family. And after that terrible night with Hugh, she's not exactly ready to jump back into a relationship with him and pretend that everything is okay. But maybe what started out as a relationship based just on physical attraction can become a perfect blending of two very different people.

By now, anyone familiar with Lorelei James knows that she can write a definitely sexy cowboy, and Hugh is no exception. What casual readers might have missed is how deep the emotions can get in her novels and WRAPPED AND STRAPPED is no exception. Both Harlow and Hugh are emotionally complex characters, and seeing them come together is a roller coaster ride for the reader. Even when they learn to get past their differences and work as a couple, the world doesn't give them an inch and seeing these two work together to take on the world is truly a joy.

Harlow and Hugh's life together has a lot of twists and turns, and the story could leave readers buzzing with the many plot points. But stick with it, because author James makes sure fans get a happily ever after that will leave everyone pleased. Just make sure you like your cowboys on the wild side, because Lorelei James does not believe in fading to black when her characters get wild in the bedroom.

Wrapped and Strapped can easily be read as a standalone novel, as no prior knowledge of the series is required. However, long-time readers of the series will delight in seeing and hearing about past heroines and heroes. STRUNG UP, a novella, will be releasing fall of 2016, but as of the writing of this review, there is no title or date for another book in the series.

Amanda Toth