WHEN I NEED YOU - Lorelei James
Need You , Book 4
ISBN: 978-0-451-47758-3
July 2017
Contemporary Romance

Minneapolis, Minnesota - Present Day

Rowan Michaels's life is very organized. As a single mother, her son will always come first. Following that is her cheerleading and cheer training career. She does not have time for dating, and she definitely doesn't have time for her very cute neighbor. Jensen Lund is hard to deny, so before she knows it, they become friends. Superstar footballer Jensen is even kind and patient with her son. But friends is all they can ever be, due to the no-fraternization rule between players and cheerleaders.

Jensen Lund has rules, and Rowan Michaels breaks every single one of them. A former womanizing bad boy, Jensen has settled into a quiet life. Practice, spend time with family, and visit with friends. But there's something about Rowan; he just can't stay away. Rowan may break all of these rules, but she's the only person he could ever imagine spending his life with. But with an uptight single mother and a laid back sportsman, love just might not be enough.

Another amazing book in the Need You series, WHEN I NEED YOU features the youngest Lund sibling. Jensen and Rowan have a very rocky road to their happily ever after, and it will appeal to readers that like their books more on the emotional side. As a single mother, Rowan needs to relearn how to put herself out there. And Jensen needs to realize there is more to him than being a football player.

WHEN I NEED YOU works as a stand-alone, but it's so good that readers will want to read more about Jensen's siblings. The series begins with WHAT YOU NEED (JAN 2016), JUST WHAT I NEEDED (AUG 2016), and ALL YOU NEED (APR 2017). Jensen has several cousins who deserve their own story, so hopefully we will get more books in the future.

Amanda Toth