TURN AND BURN – Lorelei James
Blacktop Cowboys, Book 5

Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-41396-3
August 2013
Contemporary Romance

Wyoming – Present Day

Tanna Barker is just looking for a one night stand before she starts her new job, a part-time, temporary position. Tanna knows she won't be around long, even though she doesn't have anywhere to go when it ends. But no sense starting a relationship with someone when she's just hitting the road in a few months anyways. And sure, the hunk she hooks up with at the bar was funny and definitely knew his way around the bedroom, but Tanna said no more than one night, and she's sticking to it.

But neither Tanna nor August Fletcher expected to meet up again at the same bonfire. After their wild night together, Fletch realizes he wants more than just a one-time deal. But since he's the local large animal vet, not to mention friends with the owner of the ranch Tanna is working at, he has the perfect excuse to visit Tanna whenever he wants. Now if he can just convince her to stay once the job is over…

Lorelei James does it again—giving fans a steaming hot read and a romance that will melt even the iciest heart. Fletch is a workaholic who knows what he wants, but has absolutely no clue how to get it, and he doesn't exactly have a good track record with any of the women in his life. Tanna is a former rodeo queen who has never mentally or emotionally recovered from the accident that ended her career. These two wounded lovers find each other, but they have to overcome their own demons before they can truly be together.

Author James knows how to write horse-loving heroes and heroines, and her characterizations and stories cannot be matched. Not for the faint of heart, TURN AND BURN does include some incredibly erotic scenes, so if a personal rodeo is not your style, this might not be the best choice. But if you like your cowboys and cowgirls hot, fields rolling, and Western nights blazing, be sure to pick up TURN AND BURN by Lorelei James today!

TURN AND BURN is the fifth novel in the Blacktop Cowboys series, following ONE NIGHT RODEO (AUG 2012). Fans and readers should be on the lookout for the sixth novel in the series, tentatively titled HILLBILLY ROCKSTAR, coming August 2014!

Amanda Toth