JUST WHAT I NEEDED - Lorelei James
Need You , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-451-47756-9
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

The Minnesota Twin Cities - Present Day

When Trinity sees a tall, handsome Norse god walk into the bar, she can't keep her eyes, and her lips, off him. After a fantastic chat, she makes sure to give him her phone number. Except, she might have just given him her old number, and he might have misheard her name in the beginning. Expecting to never hear from him again, Trinity is more than surprised to have him show up to build the sets for a local theatre show she's working on.

Walker Lund is willing to forgive and forget the phone number mishap, as long as Trinity agrees to spend time with him. But the more he gets to know her, the more he can't seem to stay away. His love of fixing things, and her talent to create art, fit perfectly togetheróand Walker is pretty sure Trinity is it for him. But with Walker's family drama, and Trinity's secrets, overcoming their differences might be too much for the hopeful couple.

Long time fans of Lorelei James might find her Need You series to have a different feel than some of her previous work, but that just shows how adept this author is at finding a style that fits the story itself. And there's no sophomore slump for Lorelei JamesóJUST WHAT I NEEDED is just as engrossing as the first book, if not more.

JUST WHAT I NEEDED follows WHAT YOU NEED (JAN 2016), but it can be read as a stand alone. There's no word on a third book yet, but there are plenty more Lunds that deserve their own chance in the spotlight!

Amanda Toth