CAGED – Lorelei James
The Mastered Series
, Book 4
New American Library
ISBN: 978-0-451-47364-6
July 2015
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Denver, Colorado – Present Day

Deacon “The Con Man” McConnell is a rough and tough MMA (Mixed Marshal Arts) fighter who is used to fighting his way through life – in and outside of the ring. But there is something about Molly that has held him in thrall since they met. Now Deacon refuses to wait any longer, and Molly will be his. Not that she's complaining. All Molly wants is the chance to go wild with the big, handsome fighter. She didn't think her heart would get involved.

But Deacon has a troubled, painful past, and sharing just isn't something he does. He knows this relationship is forever, he even has Molly mostly convinced of the long-term. But can he really keep her if he can't share what makes him have nightmares every night? Or why he is estranged from his family? This tough-as-nails fighter might not be as strong as everyone thinks, especially if he loses Molly – the only thing keeping him sane.

If you think erotic romances can't have a deep, emotional plot that will leave you sniffling, give CAGED a chance and your whole outlook will change! Deacon and Molly know they will be explosive, but the reader gets to see the epic journey from their first real evening together as a couple to a happy ending that will leave the reader sighing with joy.

Author James knows how to write the steamy scenes for sure, but she doesn't skimp on the drama or emotional heart-to-hearts. Her characters grow, both as individuals and as a couple, and in the end, the reader is so grateful to have been a part of the journey. Molly has her insecurities, and Deacon is there to prove that she is amazing and has so much to offer the world. And Deacon has his emotional breaks, and Molly is there to pull him back up. It was a delight to see these two come together in this epic, sexy, romantic adventure.

The fourth book in The Mastered series by Lorelei James, following UNRAVELED (MARCH 2015), CAGED can be read as a stand-alone. However, readers will want to instantly grab the previous books in the series to see how Ronin, Amery, Knox, and Shiori get their own happily-ever-afters.

No mention of a fifth book in the series as of yet. But be on the look out!

Amanda Toth