BOUND - Lorelei James
Mastered, Book 1
A Perfect 10
NAL Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780451467300
February 2014
Erotic Romance

Denver - Present Day

Amery Hardwick moved to Denver to be with her ex, and when they broke up, she stayed put. She's living her dream: a nice apartment above her office, her own graphic design business. It's everything she's wanted, but it certainly gets a little lonely sometimes. When Amery's assistant is attacked, Amery signs them up for self defense classes, but she'll need to defend more than just her body when she meets the dojo's owner. She'll have to worry about defending her heart, too.

Ronin Black owns the dojo, and everyone offers him his due respect, except for Amery. There's something about her attitude that Ronin finds irresistible. What starts as private self defense lessons turns into dinner dates and so much more. But Ronin is demanding everything of Amery, heart and soul included, without revealing anything of his own past. Can Amery handle Ronin's secretive ways, or will this be the end of the most powerful relationship she's ever experienced?

Lorelei James knows her way around powerful, emotional scenes, and BOUND is no exception. Throw in her amazing ability to write scenes so hot you can't help but wiggle in your seat, and this book is instant “keeper shelf” material. Amery and Ronin are incredibly well developed, with complicated pasts that readers cannot wait to unravel. Twists and turns in the characters' lives and relationship are enough to throw anyone for a loop.

An excellent start to a new series, BOUND is an absolutely fantastic read, and well deserves its Perfect 10 rating. Ronin will spoil you for any romantic hero, and female readers will give up anything to be in Amery's shoes. But beware, this book is not for the faint of heart?if the erotic scenes don't give you hot flashes, the ending certainly will.

Be on the lookout for the continuation of Ronin and Amery's story, UNWOUND, coming from NAL Trade in March 2014!

Amanda Toth