NOCTURNE Syrie James
Vanguard Press
ISBN: 978-1-59315-628-2
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

Colorado Present Day

Trying to make it to the Denver airport after the celebration of her best friend's wedding in Steamboat Springs, Nicole Whitcomb is sure she can beat the upcoming bad weather.  Slowly creeping up the road, she's surprised by an avalanche directly behind her and still presses on.  Luck isn't with her, however, as she's caught in a whiteout, spins out of control, and she sees any chance of catching her flight back home slipping out of reach when she crashes.  Clearing snow on the road alongside his home, Michael Tyler sees that Nicole is in danger, yet hesitates to help her, knowing that the discovery of his dark and disturbing secret could prove fatal.  Realizing he can't leave her there to die in the cold, he throws caution to the wind, pulls her safely from the car, and brings her to his home.

Now cleaned up of the blood from a cut on her forehead and sporting a monster headache, Nicole is flustered to find herself in the company of such a polished and good-looking Englishman.  He's polite, but subtly makes it clear he doesn't really want her there. She also feels something else as they continue to interact, but can't quite put her finger on it.  As Nicole insists on leaving in order to catch a plane back to San Jose, Michael assures her that the roads are closed due to the massive storm and she's stuck for at least the next four days.  What in the world is she supposed to do now?

Right away, it becomes evident that this is a complicated relationship as the characters come alive in NOCTURNE.  Intricately woven into the storyline is an almost lyrical imagery of scenery and eloquent dialogue between a man we soon find is a physician who was attacked by a female vampire during the 1800's, and a strong woman looking to go back home to her career.  As they get closer during their forced confinement, Nicole is all for expressing her feelings via the sexual route, but Michael knows what he's been capable of in the past, and it isn't pretty.  How to get past this type of situation is the main thread of the story, and it doesn't let up one bit, drawing you in.  The main players are wonderfully real, making you want to step into their world and fix things.  Plenty of conflict, some unresolved, but readers will find NOCTURNE an emotionally heartfelt love story with an unexpected ending that will bring tears to your eyes.  If you're curious about the title like I was, all will become crystal clear near the end of the book, so be sure to get this one today!

Allegra Alston