Red Dirt Royalty , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2549
ISBN: 978-0-373-83876-9
October 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Present Day

Late one night, a baby is left on the step of superstar singer Deacon “Deke” Tate's tour bus with a note that he's the father. State trooper Quincy “Quin” Kincaid is called to investigate and immediately clashes with Deke. He doesn't think he's the father, but he's not going to allow the child to go into foster care. Quin thinks that as a single man, Deke is unfit to take on the responsibilities of caring for an infant. But the Tate and Barron (Deke's cousins) families are wealthy and well-known enough in Oklahoma to pull the strings that allow Deke to be awarded temporary custody. Quin is assigned to find the mother and also check in on Deke to make sure he's taking care of the child.

Inevitably, each time Quin and Deke are in the same room, sparks fly. Oh, they argue and disagree on many things, but the sexual sparks light up the air between them. Deke wants Quin in his bed, but the prickly and by-the-books Quin pushes him away. However, since she's in charge of the investigation, she can't stop being around him . . . or his family, who see the chemistry brewing between Quin and Deke. Then, one snowy afternoon just before Christmas, a visit to Deke's ends with Quin snowbound, and the sexual tension explodes into a fiery passion.

I have to admit that a heroine who is a state trooper is the first one I've ever seen in a romance, but Quin manages to exude both strength and femininity in THE COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS PROPOSITION. She needs both to deal with Deke! He and his brothers are part of the popular Sons of Nashville country western band and they're used to fawning groupies. Deke is pretty sure he didn't get someone pregnant because he's careful, but that's not to say that the baby, Noelle, couldn't be his. Because he comes from a large family, he knows how to care for children and, with some help from his family, he steps in easily to take care of Noelle.

Quin has some unpleasant memories about foster care and being used by the wealthy for social gain. She was in and out of foster care as a child, and one Christmas was sent to stay with a potential family that were rich, only to be sent back—without the Christmas presents—once the holidays were over. She is afraid that little Noelle is being used by Deke as a publicity tool to garner good press. Yet, each time she is about to prove she's right, he disarms her by proving her wrong. She also doesn't want to admit she's attracted to him, but when they're stuck alone, she can no longer resist him. Once they're able to get out after being snowbound, will their fling continue? What about Noelle . . . is she Deke's daughter?

While THE COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS PROPOSITION is part of the Red Dirt Royalty series and some of the prior characters pop in and out, this tale is solely Deke and Quin's. The chemistry burns hot and heavy between them and readers will be rooting for them to finally get together. For a sizzling hot Christmas read, grab a copy of THE COWBOY'S CHRISTMAS PROPOSITION.

Patti Fischer