Red Dirt Royalty , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2477
ISBN: 978-0-373-73490-0
October 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Las Vegas, Nevada – Present Day

Rodeo competitor Savannah Wolfe is barely hanging on by a thread professionally and really needs to win the big prize at the Las Vegas rodeo. With no money to afford a hotel room, a friend offers her the use of the penthouse belonging to a friend of his who is out of town. Lo and behold, the suite owner arrives during the night while Savannah is sleeping and kicks her out. She got a look at the man, and boy, is he hot. Too bad they met like this.

As head of Barron Entertainment, part of the Barron family's vast holdings, Chasen “Chase” Barron has pretty much been left to his own devices in Las Vegas—until his overbearing father decides Chase needs to marry and plans to bring him a bride hand-picked for him. Frantic to head off his father, Chase remembers the girl he kicked out of his bed, Savannah, and seeks her out. He has a proposition for her: marry him and after a year together they can get divorced while she ends up with enough financial support to fund her quest for an all-around rodeo title. It's an offer Savannah finds she can't turn down, even aware that sex between them will likely be part of the bargain. There's that much of a sexual charge between them.

But once Chase and Savannah are married and make love, they can't get enough of each other. If they're not falling in love, then what is it?

A marriage between two unlikely people is at the heart of CONVENIENT COWGIRL BRIDE by Silver James. Chase's father is ornery and determined to control his sons, so it's not a surprise he has picked out a bride for Chase. The old man threatens to unseat him from being CEO of the company, but Chase has his brothers' backing to prevent that. However, his father is known for trickery and Chase feels he better be prepared with ammunition. Why not find his own bride to foil his father? Luckily for Chase, Savannah left an impression on him and she is the first one he thinks of when he's looking for a bride. She's not the prettiest woman and she feels awkward in social situations, but she'll do. Yet, there is something about Savannah that intrigues Chase. Making love to her won't be a chore.

Savannah is all about horses and winning a championship, if only to prove to her gold-digger mother that she can make it on her own. But with Savannah's horse sick and her bank account balance near zero, she is at the lowest point of her life. Chase's offer is surprising, yet an opportunity she can't say no to. She thought it'd be a marriage in name only, but there's no denying the attraction between them. The marriage ploy works against Chase's father, but soon, she's on the road and, to her surprise, Chase comes along for the ride. CONVENIENT COWGIRL BRIDE takes place over the first year of their marriage. Savannah has to contend with Chase's popularity with women. Maybe her feelings are because she's falling for him? Chase promised her a monogamous marriage and he is working up a sweat to prove his faithfulness to Savannah. Maybe because there's more than good sex between them?

An intriguing romance about an unlikely couple will have readers rooting for them to make it in CONVENIENT COWGIRL BRIDE.

Patti Fischer