A LOT LIKE LOVE – Julie James
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24016-8
March 2011
Contemporary Romance

Chicago, Illinois – Present Day

Federal agents are once again closing in on another crony of crime boss Roberto Martino, but to nail the coffin on Xander Eckhart, they need to plant bugs in his office. In order to penetrate his fortress, they need access to his office during a wine party at his business. The FBI enlists billionaire heiress and wine store owner Jordan Rhodes for the cause. Jordan 's brother Kyle is in prison for computer crimes (he hacked into twitter and caused a shutdown for a couple of days) and she'll do anything for him. But help out the FBI? While she's not sure she can pull it off totally, she agrees, and in exchange, her brother will be released from jail.

When undercover agent Nick McCall is originally assigned to the case, his role was to hide out in the van listening to the conversations taking place. But when the agent assigned to escort Jordan to the party becomes ill, it's up to Nick to take over. Of course, he didn't expect to be such a big hit at the party and end up being labeled Tall, Dark and Smoldering (and mysterious) by the press, nor did he expect to learn that Xander has a serious crush on Jordan and sees Nick as his rival for her affections. What started out as a simple one night date turns into an extended “romance” between Nick and Jordan to ward off Xander's suspicions while the FBI builds its case. Time spent together shows there are some serious sparks between them, and one wonders how long it will be before they're getting between the covers. Of course, how long will it take for the case to wrap up and the FBI can close the case? Is there any chance of a future between an undercover agent and a woman whose movements are front page news?

In A LOT LIKE LOVE, Julie James has once again penned an amusing tale filled with enough tension—both sexual and action wise—to keep readers on the edge of the seat. Jordan 's father is filthy rich but expects his children, Jordan and Kyle, to make their own mark in society…and their own money. While Jordan has succeeded with her upscale wine shop, her brother has meandered aimlessly in life, until he finally got in trouble. When Jordan and Nick first meet, they immediately rankle each other's nerves. He doubts her ability to pull it off, while she thinks he's a know-it-all. Being forced to spend time together has Jordan on edge, yet could it be because she's attracted to Nick? Xander is very suspicious and has Nick followed, so it means they have to act as if they're in a relationship…will acting soon become reality?

Nick is a dedicated agent and thinks Jordan 's wealth has made her a spoiled rich girl who is only dabbling in wine to pass the time. Of course, it doesn't take long for him to change his mind…and for his body to react to being around the beautiful heiress. Their sexy banter is energetic and fun to watch. Nick takes to his new role as man about town, so how long will it take for him to win over Jordan ? Will they nail Xander and end the case? But what about after it's all over…can Nick return to his undercover duties after making a splash in a “relationship” with Jordan ?

The best part of A LOT LIKE LOVE is the highly charged sexual chemistry between Jordan and Nick. They are two characters one won't soon forget. Plus, add in the humorous scenes, snappy dialogue, and well paced action and readers will find A LOT LIKE LOVE is a thoroughly enjoyable tale.

Patti Fischer