Avon Impulse, an e-Book Novella
ISBN: 978-0-06-225991-2
November 2012
Historical Romance

London and Arbor House near Bath in Somerset, England, 1816

At but seventeen years old, Sir Griffin Barry was married as arranged by his father, Viscount Moncrieff. His bride was a beautiful woman of twenty. The wedding night was not a success…nor was the marriage. In fact, Sir Griffin immediately disappeared and was not seen again in England for fourteen years. Almost half way through his absence, however, his bride began receiving funds from him through an agent. By this time, Griffin was the captain of his own pirate ship. Though feared by many, he had his own code of honor. For the last seven years, he and his cousin and best friend, now Duke of Ashbrook, have sailed as privateers in the war against Napoleon and have been issued a royal pardon. Now it's time to go home and make peace with their wives…if that's at all possible.

Lady Phoebe Barry lives an independent life in her own home in the country. She learns—at the same time—that her husband is a pirate and is back in England. Oh, dear! She can't picture that shy, slender young boy, shorter than she, as a pirate. Phoebe is in for a surprise…and so is Griffin!

SEDUCED BY A PIRATE runs concurrently with Ms. James's delightful full-length novel, THE UGLY DUCHESS out last September. It stars Griffin's cousin, mentioned above, who was also ordered to marry before he was twenty. SEDUCED BY A PIRATE can be purchased from HarperCollins and online bookstores. It's a fun and moving read at a very reasonable price. Download, read, and enjoy.

Jane Bowers