DEJA VOODOO – Elle James
A Cajun Magic Novel
Entangled Publishing –
ISBN: 978-1-62266-082-7
June 2013
Contemporary Romance eBook

Bayou Miste, Louisiana – Present Day

Ed Marceau is working undercover in Bayou Miste while another colleague is hunkered down nearby in a cabin with a star witness who has a bounty on her. Ed has learned that the people in town are a bit eccentric, but when he is nearly bowled over one morning by a pretty woman in a short negligee chasing a naked man, he soon discovers that his life is about to change. Will his attraction for the woman distract him from his assignment?

Fitness center owner Alexandra Boyette has been feeling the heat from her mother to get married, but since the male pickings in town are not much, she hasn't had any luck. She hopes to find a man as devoted to her as her dog, Sport, so when her voodoo practicing sister-in-law gives her a “present”, Alex is stunned the next morning to wake up in bed with Sport turned into a man—yet he is still a dog at heart and runs off. Alex chases him and literally runs into her mother's tenant, Ed. After he makes some wisecracks about her attire, Alex thinks he's a louse, yet the two keep running into each other. He says he's a tourist in town to fish, but she thinks he's a shady character.

Welcome to the crazy town of Bayou Miste, where voodoo spells and Cajun cooking go hand in hand. It's a dangerous assignment for Ed and his cohorts, since there is an unknown mole that could lead a killer to the woman they have holed up in the cabin. Ed is intrigued by Alex, yet she spurns him and makes it clear she doesn't want anything to do with him. Alex is one of nineteen children, and with the marriage of her brother, Ben, her mother is matchmaking like crazy for Alex to follow suit. Ed is the latest prospect, even though Alex tries to avoid him. Well, Ed too, but it seems wherever he turns, there is Alex, despite the fact that she has a male roommate right now.

Of course, Alex has to keep secret that her “roommate” is her faithful dog Sport turned into a human by a voodoo spell. Alex's best friend Calliope thinks it's cool Sport is now a hunky male. Alex warns her that the spell may not last forever, but Calliope still ends up attracted to Sport, who is quickly picking up human habits, like drinking beer. Meanwhile, the mysterious Ed Marceau is always bumping into her. Is it fate, or her mother's machinations?

It's catfish, alligators, bad guys and a voodoo spell in the hilarious DEJA VOODOO. Alex and Ed try to convince themselves they're not attracted to the other, yet once they're alone, things turn scorching hot between them. When will Alex learn the real reason Ed is in Bayou Miste? Will Sport return to his canine form or remain human? Of course, readers can expect things to start really heating up as the bad guys close in on their quarry.

A rollicking contemporary romance with a hint of paranormal, DEJA VOODOO is a tale that will have readers chuckling and looking for more stories from the tiny Louisiana town of Bayou Miste.

Patti Fischer