ZANE – Brenda Jackson
A New Westmoreland Novel , Book 1 of 3
Harlequin Desire # 2239
ISBN: 978-0-373-73252-4
July 2013
Series Contemporary Romance

Denver Colorado, Present Day

When a tragic plane crash took the lives of two happily married couples almost two decades ago, it left fifteen children as orphans. The eldest son of each family took over raising their younger brothers and sisters and did a fine job. The cousins and siblings are a close and loving family. Many of them have married and begun families of their own, but one swears he will never marry. Zane's relationships with women rarely last more than a few months; he always lets them know from the start that he will never love them and that included Doctor Channing Hastings, a neurologist. Their affair reached a record breaking nine months, and Channing had fallen hard and began to hope that Zane felt the same, so she asked him where they were going. Zane told her flat out that he didn't love her, causing her to accept a position at a hospital in Atlanta.

Channing kept ties with her Denver friends, even attended one of their weddings, but now, two years from when she left, she's back for several weeks to give a symposium at her old hospital. Zane is shocked to hear she's in town…and that she's engaged! Seems none of the women he's dated can measure up to Channing.

This story is all about Zane and Channing and what happens next. In fact, their feelings and desires make up most of the descriptive narrative. Things quickly get hot and heavy when they give in to them…which they do frequently. But what about her engagement? And is it really impossible for Zane to fall in love?

ZANE is actually the twenty-fourth Westmoreland tale, and fans of the series will be glad to meet others of the family, familiar and not. ZANE will be followed in succeeding months by books featuring Zane's cousins Canyon and Stern. Watch for those titles: CANYON in August and STERN in September.

Jane Bowers